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  1. nah dident work , but got another question , is there a retirement village in 5.2? cuz we almost discovered the whole map but nothing there :0 , it is in the prefab folder
  2. evening peeps we are using 5.1.7 still and now i wane know if i wane use 5.2 do i have to restart the save game or can i contineu , i ask it cuz i saw G4K (Game4Kickz) using 5.1.6 and updated it later to 5.1.7 and 5.2 on the same save game
  3. @dwallorde i saw wotw 6.0.0 , is it posable to add it on my hosted server?
  4. DeathHorde

    A16 Valmod Pack

    is there any way to make weapon parts in the valmod overhaul bbm? if so in what for station
  5. Titanium melting is there some one who can explane me how i need to melt titanium cuz i need it for tools and stuff, the forge dont have a titanium tab
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