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  1. 3 hours ago, Roland said:

    Fans: When is A20 experimental coming out?! When!? When!? When!?


    TFP: Okay, okay... Its coming Monday.


    Fans: Yayy!  When is A20 stable coming out?! When?! When?! When?!

    Well I think you mean Fan asking for A21.. 

  2. I am not asking for release date, but it is been 3-4 month to A20, what all progress did we make so far, as I see still several of topic has "Details coming soon" . Are there really plan for those or already drop for A20? I think we should have details by now?

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  3. Is there anything we can do about the Shape Menu, We can check shape of item in our belt. But the other day, I need a shape from wet concrete and I was not sure if the shape is available in which item, so I have to cook it to see what shapes are available in that? but if we can tell which shapes are available before we cook will save lot of time and resources for players.

  4. Areawise Airport cannot go bigger than regular factory we found in game now. It won't load in one chunk, then what is the point of having it, we can make skyscrapper but not wide fields due to how game works. Plus, I don't see a lot of loot in airport, unless we have Cargo airport. I would rather love to see a Warehouse (something like amazon Warehouses around that world) They give lot of loot and Zombie to kill.



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  5. 13 minutes ago, Khalagar said:


    Any word on Spiders being able to climb again, or being able to do anything unique? They are not really a threat at the moment imo beyond their annoying hit box. It'd be cool if they got a ranged web stun attack or something if the wall climb is too much work

    They are fun to kill in air. Their animation when you shot him during jump is cool.

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  6. In real world scenario it just the luck the define your survival. If you are in crowded place when it start, you might not even survive 10 minute, but if you are hiking and off population you might get chance. Then where you left alone, if that place is full of z or very rare, what resources are available. 


    Also in real world anyone will search for fellow survivor and start growing community, as that is best chance to live longer assumming you find one.

  7. From experience on A19

    Are there going to be any adjustment in tools. I feel like Impact driver is kinda worthless. It take too much stamina for automatic tool and animation (though is good) but appears to be taking more time to do job. 


    Similarly I used a Ak47 Quality 6 and M60 Q1, the aiming and hit ratio of M60 is way better than AK47. 


    Sometime, I hate animation when I aim on Zombie Body (chest) when in bunch of 3-4  and fire a bullet and can see bullet been missed and hitting at my AIM pointer on ground [through zombie body] and zombie get no hit. I mean either the bullet goes in different angle, but if projectile is through body why it doesn't hit.. Aim in this game is just random number. Often hitting a distance zombie (at 12-15block away) is more accurate then hitting one in 3-4 m/block distance.

  8. 13 hours ago, Promethean Winchester said:

    I actually really agree with this. Attributes were a multiplayer-centric imposition on EVERYBODY playing single-player. Is it just me, or did the free-form leveling and leveling-by-doing of Alpha 16 feel more satisfying all across the board than leveling in its current iteration? I mean yeah the linear path of basing up near a trader and repeating quests is fun for a while, but after a time I just start craving the freedom of prior game builds. Now every run I do is the same; I even specialize into Strength every time, and just base up at the trader and do quests. Agility is almost - almost - as good as Strength. You have Run & Gun and plenty of firearms, and can kite sprinters with bleed damage. But Strength is objectively superior, even with Parkour considered. I play Insane Nightmare now, to offset the intense boredom of the game's general experience. It's the same every time, but at least it's difficult, and my chance of success is so low that I can never get too bored of how they redesigned progression. Chaotic loot, man... Imagine that, going into a tool store and finding tools made of Iron or Steel. The game used to be so good. But they didn't think too much about how these changes would effect the game... They've spent nearly a decade in alpha and I think they're losing their collective creative vision. It's a dumpster fire now

    I start playing after like 6 months, and yes it might feel repeat of last iteration you do, but don't we are same guys who play Mario for ages doing same round? Need for speed is still a car racing .. isn't it that boring? even pubg isn't it same first person shooting.. I mean common on 2 new weapon here and there and it is same as playing Delta force back in 1990's2000's? 


    My point is all game are limited who vast they are, you can experiment with setting and try different level, or add mods. even if they add 100 more zombie or 200 new items or maps, the base remain what it is, Survival game... Having said that, I love the game in a16 (when I original start it), and I love it in a19 .. it is same time pass game for me. Sometime I play on Servers.. sometime I play single player, trying different mod, vanilla. 


    Not all game support mod natively, if Developer team add modding then it is one of the FEATURE for player to use... if you don't use it, then it is waste of tech put in by team. 

  9. 23 hours ago, Jost Amman said:

    I'd remove multiplayer entirely... what do you need friends for when you have NPCs? :caked:

    Multiplayer game is good, but if feature is not working there, but single player can have that feature. Then why not release feature for single player only, and improve and release for multiplayer when it can be ready? At least 10% -30% of community will get something to play extra? 

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  10. 2 hours ago, Blake_ said:

    They said they hope to release the drone in a20, yes.

    In the video they showed, it worked just fine for single player, but I believe it was too much of a bug pile on the multiplayer side to release it in a19.

    Maybe it is time they release some item for single player only and remove it from multiplayer?

  11. I am playing a map and I set my base between three town, and to my surprise I found not a single Trader. I believe this game provide one trader per town, and not finding a trader is surprise for me. It seems those trader building (as some single building outside towns are there) were got replaced during map generate with some POI prefeb buildings, like I found a Military camp 500m outside town, i never saw that in vanilla game. Is this a WOW feature or I am just unlucky?

  12. I'm Surprised that the game even runs ... The Vanilla version ..



    Windows Recommended

    •OS: Windows 7 or Higher

    •Processor: 3.0 Ghz Quad Core CPU or faster

    •Memory: 12 GB RAM

    •Graphics: 2 GB Dedicated Memory

    •Direct X: Version 10

    •Network: Broadband internet connection

    •Hard Drive: 4 GB available space

    •Sound Card: Direct X compatible


    AND being Modded you need at least the RECOMMENDED if not more ... Mod's put a whole Lot of strain on a system.


    You would be surprise, that I once run the Server edition of game on Core2Duo with 4 GB RAM, ofcourse it was server only, and doesn't render the UI, but I use it to play 2 player game with my friend over lan, so we have server running with 4GB, and 2 clients connecting it.

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