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  1. I am not asking for release date, but it is been 3-4 month to A20, what all progress did we make so far, as I see still several of topic has "Details coming soon" . Are there really plan for those or already drop for A20? I think we should have details by now?
  2. Is there anything we can do about the Shape Menu, We can check shape of item in our belt. But the other day, I need a shape from wet concrete and I was not sure if the shape is available in which item, so I have to cook it to see what shapes are available in that? but if we can tell which shapes are available before we cook will save lot of time and resources for players.
  3. So, my counter of 5000 kill in game is wrong, and it could be 5500 easily with all vulture I ever kill in ths game .. damn. But thanks.
  4. Areawise Airport cannot go bigger than regular factory we found in game now. It won't load in one chunk, then what is the point of having it, we can make skyscrapper but not wide fields due to how game works. Plus, I don't see a lot of loot in airport, unless we have Cargo airport. I would rather love to see a Warehouse (something like amazon Warehouses around that world) They give lot of loot and Zombie to kill.
  5. They are fun to kill in air. Their animation when you shot him during jump is cool.
  6. In real world scenario it just the luck the define your survival. If you are in crowded place when it start, you might not even survive 10 minute, but if you are hiking and off population you might get chance. Then where you left alone, if that place is full of z or very rare, what resources are available. Also in real world anyone will search for fellow survivor and start growing community, as that is best chance to live longer assumming you find one.
  7. From experience on A19 Are there going to be any adjustment in tools. I feel like Impact driver is kinda worthless. It take too much stamina for automatic tool and animation (though is good) but appears to be taking more time to do job. Similarly I used a Ak47 Quality 6 and M60 Q1, the aiming and hit ratio of M60 is way better than AK47. Sometime, I hate animation when I aim on Zombie Body (chest) when in bunch of 3-4 and fire a bullet and can see bullet been missed and hitting at my AIM pointer on ground [through zombie body] and zombie get no hit. I mean either the bullet goes in different angle, but if projectile is through body why it doesn't hit.. Aim in this game is just random number. Often hitting a distance zombie (at 12-15block away) is more accurate then hitting one in 3-4 m/block distance.
  8. I start playing after like 6 months, and yes it might feel repeat of last iteration you do, but don't we are same guys who play Mario for ages doing same round? Need for speed is still a car racing .. isn't it that boring? even pubg isn't it same first person shooting.. I mean common on 2 new weapon here and there and it is same as playing Delta force back in 1990's2000's? My point is all game are limited who vast they are, you can experiment with setting and try different level, or add mods. even if they add 100 more zombie or 200 new items or maps, the base remain what it is, Survival game... Having said that, I love the game in a16 (when I original start it), and I love it in a19 .. it is same time pass game for me. Sometime I play on Servers.. sometime I play single player, trying different mod, vanilla. Not all game support mod natively, if Developer team add modding then it is one of the FEATURE for player to use... if you don't use it, then it is waste of tech put in by team.
  9. Multiplayer game is good, but if feature is not working there, but single player can have that feature. Then why not release feature for single player only, and improve and release for multiplayer when it can be ready? At least 10% -30% of community will get something to play extra?
  10. Maybe it is time they release some item for single player only and remove it from multiplayer?
  11. I disagree, that when Z is in front and ignore you (i.e. you are in straight sight of them and then they turn back to move far away from you or moving away after been hit ..) is not realism. realism can be define as you are in room and it has open door, yet Zombie try to break the window and come, as he possibly didn't know there is door on other wall and it might be open. He just see you and come straight to you breaking everything. Zombie are suppose to chase us when they see us.
  12. I play 3 horde night on A19, and Notice few things, not sure if they are bug or behaviour. 1. I once fight 3 Tourist z, 2 of them run away from me when I hit them. (Yes they run away) like coyote do in general. 2. I usually make a Stand on pillar and let zombie randomly hit the pillars on horde night. But Dogs just stand below me. 3. I often notice that zombie don't come directly to me when I was clearing building, they often just run for door and I have hit them on back to bring back to me. Even though I am 4 block away and in straight line no obstacles.
  13. VSync, helps Thanks Dukerider and Faatal.
  14. Well, VSync setting is there ..lol. Just kidding what I need to check there. I mean if it become 0 or max I have no clue. Thanks I will check. Thanks.
  15. It seems in one of A17/18 Graphics adjustment somehow my FPS are set to 60 max cap. Even if I reduce my graphics setting 'f8' doesn't show more than 60 FPS it always can go below on load, but never cross it. I think that some settings are messed up. Is there any way to reset all graphics to fresh installation?
  16. Well, I start navegame and I can say it is still everybit of fun I am getting from game, couple of small bugs verse stable won't break much fun. The core graphics, AI, pathing remain same more or less. No big change come in experimental or stable version. The difference is of loot and economy balance, which really is XML edit and different server have different experience anyways. So It seems waiting for stable is not really worth it. consider it take at least 4-8 weeks.
  17. I finish my day one new game, I love the new graphics, and I like what you have done with working stiff. It is all great, but I notice that Blunderbass was occassionally not sync with sound, Zombie looking at your is kinda creepy/ odd. Once i notice that I was in same room as zombie, but she walk out of room even after I hit melee they still keep walking out.
  18. Nope, I love gaming, but I cross age where I lose sleep for them. So, yes I love my gamer tag. I just got 15 minutes, to play game before client meetings start, My first impression is that it looks best and different from past. My new game starts in forest biome, but it looks less scary, [beautiful]. Graphics are really good, but stones on floor are hardly visible with 80% brightness so far. I see 3-4 rabbits and one boar so far in forest biome in my first 15 minutes, is that normal now?
  19. can it be release now, like accidently leak release...
  20. Well the other half already have better life that they get game on time... for me it is Monday 8 PM and game is still 3 hr away to release, if it launch now, I can play it before I sleep.
  21. I hate when they put price tag as 1999, same thing fun pimp do, releasing at midday their time, if they do it like 9 AM CST make life good for half the world
  22. He is pro player and knows exactly how to play, he is just teasing that it is not there yet.
  23. It is almost evening for our region and it is launch night for us really.
  24. Do you guys realise, how hard it is to avoid all streaming and waiting for game, so you see it first on your computer.. yup, I haven't watch single stream yet, and getting hyped in waiting.
  25. Yeah, I like small stone be used as Junk turret ammo, they need not to be as effective as metal, but it is good to have stone throwing machine.
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