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  1. I don't say much in this forums, I am here because I was looking to see an update to cpm and to my surprise the site was down so came here to see why and I see these allegations.I'm not into drama ♥♥♥♥ so i will just put my experience with the mod instead.To start I have to say csmm is a wonderful server manager and cpm for me compliments it well.First thing that got my attention was the more robust map cpm has and the ability to make zone right from there.Before I even downloaded it and put it on my server it was to my understanding that 1.) coppi no longer develops his mod and 2.) that cpm is a fork/continuation or very least cpm was inspired by coppi .As a person who is familiar with source code and development I can say there are various reasons why code can be closed off but we all must not jump to conclusion that it for malicious reasons.I have not seen or experienced any issue running cpm on my server tho it relatively small as it just me and my family that play and have fun.I do hope to see a revival of it which seems unlikely and I don't blame the creator (Prism) if he is not motivated to do so. Lastly I like to give a big thank you to csmm and cpm developers for their contribution to this community to enhance our fun to this game we all love.
  2. Ahh cool ty for the reply, will wind up prob donating anyway if it works out well for me
  3. I looked through all the pages and didn't see this question but, when you self host do you still need to do the donor plan thing to access the extended features?
  4. Chrisnetika

    A16 Valmod Pack

    Ty for that response, would of thought the admin wrench works on everything but I will try with the claw hammer.
  5. Chrisnetika

    A16 Valmod Pack

    possible bugs? not sure if this thread active or support done here but I may be experiencing a bug or 2 with this mod.I am using overhaul and i am trying to upgrade wood blocks to reinforced wood and it is asking for what appears to be carpenter kits.I have them in my inventory and still it does not upgrade.My carpentry is lvl 80.I grabbed kits from creative menu as well as crafting them and still.Having same issue with fire spikes, where if they damage I can repair them with gascans no prob but if they degrade to steel spikes I cannot upgrade them back to fire spikes as it shows I need gascan to upgrade even tho I have gascans.Something i'm doing wrong?
  6. Chrisnetika

    A16 Valmod Pack

    quests I have the mod installed correctly on client and server, my question is how do I get the quest chain to start on an existing mp game? I tried adding class key and class selection and the quest doesn't popup like it does when I start a new sp game.The quest that says "Welcome to Valmod,Thank you for choosing Valmod. To start with please search your crafting menu for 'Class' and craft the class briefcase ..." using 16.04 thanks in advance! edit: nvm not needed
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