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  1. Encumbrance has been disabled, so don't worry about how much loot you can carry. Be more concerned that if you die with your backpack completely loaded up, you risk the chance of not being able to make it back to it before it disappears. In the past i've carried a bedroll and placed it in my toolbar. If things get harry i tend to drop it so if i do get wrecked i can spawn closer to my latest backpack. Doing this means your original base may have z's in it upon your return... There was a post in this thread not too long ago that talked about adjusting the length of time your backpack rem
  2. Great read, and likely a fun, little adventure. Also very curious if the trader kicks you off the premises as night falls. Want to stay and improve the defenses of the store front from would-be zombie looters, but haven't had a chance to test anything as i haven't actually found a store as of yet...also, i'm a coward and don't want to get kicked out at night and crap myself
  3. not an issue. Scrap some books, and then read the pages. After 10 you'll have the recipe for the table. Bam.
  4. If i make a change to the recipes and items xml files, do i have to share them with players who join me, or will the world simply use my local versions as we play? I would like to surprise someone by adding a recipe or two for some chuckles
  5. Worked for me the first time i tried it. You can kill the chicken with whatever item/weapon you want, just don't obliterate it. Once dead, use butcher knife. There's a chance you get a live chicken (a few posts back someone said the odds were 25 or 50%). I lucked out...you will too
  6. I play with a friend all the time doing just this. We both installed the mod. Launch the game. Make sure you have your game as a multiplayer map (recommend pw to prevent anyone else joining). Then, using Steam, she can either join (using the friends pop-up), or you can invite her to lobby. Either way she should be in without issue...
  7. Bobby's Treasure Map - Quest Failed I was playing with a friend, and we were heading to find the treasure to see what they provide in the mod. When i reached the area where the chest would be, with shovel in hand, it appeared above the ground and then crashed to the ground breaking! Immediately it said the quest was failed! We've never seen this happen in vanilla, or in any other mod! Is this a known bug? What are the odds of this sort of thing happening again?
  8. I had this happen to me, and the issue i had was i wasn't in/watching the station as it was crafting. If you watch when they are made, they count. Or at least they did for me. Stuck on boomstick for the shotgun class. I can't craft one...is this just an issue with having to find one? Best places to look if that's the case?
  9. Special Zombies As per this comment, i'm seeing a lot of new zombies in general, but nothing out of the ordinary on horde nights. Friends encountered bosses during these times, but that was back in 15. In 16 we're just not having this happen. Are they in place? Is it just bad luck? The mod is amazing! there's absolutely no way we could go back to vanilla now. Well done
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