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  1. Ammo Perk greyed out Hi all, Seems I have a problem with my skills. I can't learn the ammo building as it is locked and greyed out. A friend playing on the same server have no issue. When I start a single player it is not greyed out, only on my dedicated server it seems I am the only. I checked this forum and found something about the progression.xml file. I checked it out and it seems ok. I tried with adding the lines "<requirement perk_level="1" required_skill_name="Pistols" required_skill_level="10"/>" but it doesn't change. changed it on the pc and server, but still no solu
  2. Ammo perk locked and greyed out Hi, In skills the ammo learning perks are greyed out for me. for my friend on the same server it is not. When I start a new singleplayer game with the same settings it is open for me too, but on my dedicated server it seems I am the only one where the perk is greyed out. I have seen some posts of other having the problem with the ammo perk greyed out, and about the solution with the progression. xml file. I tried this out, but it remain greyed out Any ideas how to solve this issue my appologies for double posting
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