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  1. had this problem too. you have to start the game new (a few times) and it will work again (no idea where it comes from)
  2. i wondered why they do not do it like subnautica? they have/had a real development diary with TODO list, the bugs listed, what they are currently working on etc.
  3. BUG?: All the alcoholic beverages of the brewery station are not alcoholic. No Buzzed buff and they all give Fullness Beer made in this station does not have any effect at all (except Extinguish Fire), Buzzed can only be gained with looted Beer, not selfmade
  4. that is why i mentioned it so it can be fixed btw is it intentional that every single recipe of the cook class costs 10 points? it only gives you 1 or 2 items and that for all in all 70 points (+50 for the stations). and every combination with chocolate is bad. chocolate itself raises wellness more than any new food combination
  5. Tungsten Club tooltip says [Craftable in Player Inventory] but is only craftable in Tool Workbench
  6. we started playing on a server yesterday, and we have to say, as far as we have come it is great. We looted, we killed, normal zombies and ferals and had our fun But we got to see alot of radiated zombies on day 1 (difficulty setting 3) and had to engage 1 of them and retreat in shame. bullets and countless arrows struck this radiated spider, our weapons broke from overuse but this 1 radiated zombie just would not die.... Is the regeneration so high that 3 people constantly shooting and hitting it can not overcome it?
  7. i got the infection 3 real life minutes after the nice and clean buff ran out. Someone else on the server didn't get an infection even with being dirty for days
  8. we had our admin spawn one hacksaw in after 40 real life hours of noone on the server finding one. You will never find one And about infection. The "invisible" debuff prior to infection sucks like hell. Getting minor infections all the time for no reason depletes the stock of medicine and as the beehive is not working (after 14 ingame days and it did not get to the stage where you can loot it affter using bees on it) the best option you have is to simply die when you have an infection
  9. One question, who can build the Researcher Desk? We found no schematic for it and the researcher has no Skill that gives the Recipe (if it can only e made by the researcher, it makes this class a must at the start....) and another one. Crafter quest, you need lots of uranium, but we only managed to find 6 in 70 hours playtime. maybe we have no luck in finding them or having to get 1000 is too much
  10. Bullet casing crafting is a schematic you have to find
  11. So we had day 14 horde night and we love this mod! Almost constantly the full amount of zombies. (so many that all our weapons broke) Only thing i would say should be reworked is that Honey is very late game (beehive can be made early, but Honey only pretty late)
  12. have the same problem, sth is wrong with reanimation. For other players you are invisible too, as you are for zombies till relog. But Green eyed ones can see you, others will vanish (animals too)
  13. had the same thing happen a few times on a server i played at too. 1st option. put a password on the server 2nd option make a whitelist i can think only of these two options
  14. Carbon is being transformed to being iron (you smelt in carbon but only iron value rises). Steel smithing impossible
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