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  1. Regarding the biome difficulty, I hope to see certain loot that is required to get from different biomes. Need a certain upgrade or item to finish that recipe? Better make a day trip to the desert.
  2. The auto brightness adjuster that simulates indoor vs outdoor light intensity seems to work at night and could be causing some brightness issues, The effect also adjusts slowly and could be tweaked.
  3. Maybe in the minority of this but has linear lighting balanced colours at the expense of higher saturation?( I understand this is what it adds). The Desert looks very orange now.
  4. Right click 7D2D in steam and goto properties, then goto the beta tab and search for A19(there are previous alphas in there too). Once you click ok it will download through steam. When stable comes about you must opt out in the same menu.
  5. Fair enough and the new system does seem fulfilling enough with better hitboxes. I just figured it was pretty straightforward to implement even if it was just a small blotch/dot. You guys have made strides on that area in A19 and felt it was the only thing missing. Zombies already react to being hit on certain parts of their body, get a little blood splatter from an exact spot and even get disfigured so i thought the ruling was already in place to add decals so you can mark which one you've hit and get just that little bit extra feedback. Its a qol thing which typically is not imp
  6. @faatal Loving the more robust hit boxes and detection which was lacking in A18. The only thing missing is a small bloody decal on the zombie knowing you've visually hit mainly from guns. Could this make its way to A19?
  7. Will any of the legacy decals be updated in A19? I believe this has been addressed already and they are "low priority" ticketed items, but it seems they take the least amount of time to fix, eg road decals and cotton bushes. High priority items take the most time and have already had several changes and updates. The polish btw the pimps have been doing is remarkable and A18 has been better than ever.
  8. That photo is looking spectacular! Well done devs. Is the hud and main menu getting some work? I would love to see the hud/toolbelt get a floating look and lose the borders or at least tighten and sharpen the borders up. I always thought they looked too thick lol.
  9. I did a longish vid showing the 3D representation of the glancing system on each weapon and also when they hit. I didnt go too much into detail. It could be a great discussion for debate.
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