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  1. The Miner is really meant to be a group event from what I've gathered talking with Mort. I agree I think there needs some balancing for sure. Cost vs reward seems a little skewed against it being efficient. That being said, I love the idea and direction events are moving with Starvation. As one of Morts early concepts I think what the future holds will be very cool indeed.
  2. That is incorrect. While it was a problem some time back, they have been fixed for a while now. You are good to go with these. Just give them time.
  3. It's intended to be very difficult to earn. You have to meditate to really work it up. Crouch on your bed with your health, thirst, and hunger over 75%. You will enter the meditate state and you'll see the buff icon show up. That being said, it still takes forever to increase.
  6. What are the stats on the server for the MP? It sounds like the server might be short on RAM. Remember, MP will need much more RAM to run properly because it has to process more players.
  7. Don't forget the Official Starvation Wiki Many questions asked within this thread can be answered in much less time just by visiting the Wiki. Personally, I'd rather the devs be dev'ing than answering questions over and over again when they have already taken the time to make the Wiki for all of us.
  8. What time of day is it on the server? This is standard vanilla behavior when the Trader is closed.
  9. Removing grass removes part of the feel of the game as well as part of the difficulty. IMHO, Starvation IS NOT about making your life easier.
  10. It's exactly once a day. Once per day the game will pick one random player on the server and send a horde towards them. It's absolutely possible that the zeds are breaking the collectors. Try to fence off your farming area to protect them and see if they continue to disappear. Try building it on the roof of your base. NOTE!!!! Make sure your roof is concrete as wood will let the water into your base. Then go for the living roof concept. I'll see if I can replicate your power issue.
  11. Looks to me that because the batteries are dead, they are drawing all your solar power to recharge. Maybe? The reason turning them off and on allows power is that if gives you a hair over what the batteries require to recharge. That hair over remains positive as long as there is sun. Just an idea. Question here: Do you get plague if the lights aren't lit? If you still don't get plague than it's a graphic issue. If you do, than it's a power issue. As for trees, if you plant it, it requires water. If the RWG placed it, it does not.
  12. The fact that it's more than one player in your group but no other groups means that it is not the client. As Xyth stated, these issues seem to be isolated to your group. Therefore the common denominator is the server install. Wipe the server, reinstall, and see what that brings you.
  13. I don't believe its possible atm as many of the core game files have to be modified for the mod to be what it is. EAC sees the modified game files as hacking the game.
  14. If you see a recipe but it is greyed out that means he knows it but it is beyond his current level. So yes, you need to level him up to be able to craft it.
  15. I believe this is correct for all turrets. Starvation added zeds and animals are not yet set up to be targeted. If I remember my conversation with Mort correctly, he knows about the issue and plans on addressing it in the future. ATM, they are working on more "fun" items to give themselves a little break.
  16. Correct. You use the vanilla Wire Tool and Relays to get power lines run now.
  17. Expanded backpacks are not supported by Starvation.
  18. RWG has more buildings available to it than does Navezgane. So there is a wider variety of what you see. Also, Navezgane is a much smaller map than RWG.
  19. I'm pretty sure swimming helps remove it.
  20. So, from what I've been able to glean from my Cooking Crafter: What may be the reason vanilla recipes seem the only ones you can teach is that they don't require multiple steps to complete the process. IE make pasta, make tomato juice, make Bolognese sauce, make the final meal. They may have to be taught how to make each step and then have them only craft the parts until you get enough of the parts to make them make the whole. As for despawns, here is an excerpt from the Starvation WIKI: Make sure you have the right food.
  21. I believe it's the final reward for the Angler questline.
  22. TYVM, would it be a spoiler to ask how you get the quest? This is definately something I would like to find. Pacco was a great asset to the Starvation team and community, and is sorely missed. Thanks about the rubber. I guess I was overcomplicating the process thinking that it was more difficult to make then that. LOL
  23. WHAT!!!! Is it on every RWG somewhere? Also, I asked on Discord but I don't think anyone caught it, How do you make Rubber?
  24. Fridge has to be within 5m for them to eat from it. If you can see the recipe in the list but not the mats, then they need to skill up to use that recipe. Grind out the levels with the basics. I've had a bug where the craftered stopped working and it took me restarting the server to ge them to craft again. The zed doberman pinscher has a small hitbox, but that is vanilla issue, not a Starvation issue. Shouldn't take more than a couple of rounds though, as long as you hit him.
  25. Odd, it works for me just fine. Might be a bug on your end. Try varifying your files and rerun he launcher?
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