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  1. Sweet Jax, thank you so very much. You all are amazing and I am definitely loving the mod.
  2. Farming quest. Hi, so I am playing the version 4 of your wonderful model and ran into a problem during the farming quest line. For "making compost" farming skills 13/14. It wants you to CRAFT a human turd, and plant fibers. It is not registering them if you harvest them so the quest will not progress. Please help.
  3. Awesome. Thank you so much!!
  4. Lock-picking in 4 I am sorry if this is covered somewhere but I am not seeing it. So, I am playing the 21 day horde on version 4 and can not lockpick a normal wooden door with the first quest line lockpick or lockpick kit. I have both in my belt and when I try to use the kit it tells me I don't have any wood to upgrade the door. I have about 400 wood in my backpack and be leave I shouldn't need it anyway. The only thing I can do to get through the door is break it down. Any help would be amazing. Thank you all for such a awesome mod. I really love it.
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