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  1. Pipe rifles are incoming. Tiers are tiers... you can be better/worse with all rifles, but each +tier rifle is better in general, but there are some trade-offs (mag capacity, fire modes/rate). How else are tiers supposed to work? You're saying bugs are holding this game back from achieving success? First of all, many Bethesda titles (the entire Elder Scrolls, Fallout series for starters) shipped full of bugs of all sizes, and managed to still dominate because they were fun anyway (which does not excuse Bethesda, but is true nonetheless). Secondly, telling the devs that bugs are b
  2. @madmole Hey Madmole, first of all - let me say that I'm really enjoying A19; the rebalancing, HD upgrades, new weapons, shiny new & fancy POIs and so on... the game has transformed in awesome ways since I started in A11! Keep up the great work... it's worth the wait. Now, I thought I'd mention something I've recently discovered (it's pretty niche / obscure, and I haven't found anything on this when searching the forums): my mother plays 7 Days a ton, and she loves it. Her preferred playstyle is without enemy spawns enabled; exploring / upgrading / mining / etc. She has run into t
  3. That makes sense, but I had a thought: using the chair example, you'd likely need some sort of small function to check certain basics, like whether there's already a player using that chair when another player tries to use it, etc... but couldn't you extend such a function to check for valid placement & rotation, and the needed adjacent space for the animations to avoid clipping? If the result isn't valid, it could inform the player with a "You can't do that right now" message. Anyway, just a thought!
  4. Thanks a ton, Madmole / TFP! I've been playing since A11, and I can confidently say that the new inventory stacking features are awesome!! I'd only recently discovered a mod to do something similar, and it's amazing how much precious time auto-stacking saves. I've now played with b177's advanced storage features, and there's only one thing I miss: the ability to "lock" certain item stacks in your backpack. If there was a way to (say by Ctrl + clicking, or even a menu option like Drop/Scrap/etc) lock specific stacks so that the auto-stacking buttons ignored those items, you could
  5. That's why I have one high-quality modded spear for taking them down in melee, and a cheap one (perhaps with a second weighted head mod) to throw / snipe sleepers. If the throw connects and the target survives, they bring it back to you (especially with the generous manual retrieval range). If you miss, you finish them off with your high-end spear (or alternative) and collect the other one later. Once I find surplus iron/steel spears and mods I can live without, I upgrade my throwing spear... and while I always try to retrieve it, it's still fine if it's lost. They last a long time after b
  6. I don't know if road signs in Random Gen are on the horizon, but in case they are, might I suggest "Gnashville" as a candidate?
  7. (I admit, I took slight liberties with the quote for the sake of humour.)
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