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  1. Wonder if @madmole is giving Richard a "knuckle rub" for showing the shotgun lol.
  2. Ummmm im fine with irradiated z's being replaced. They look terrible, and performance wise also. I was referring to Cheerleader, Footballer and Stripper And ive always been pro TFP vision as a whole. Somethings here and there no.
  3. @madmole keep making changes and tweaking systems all the way till gold. Ill give my opinion on the game then. Ive trusted TFPs on purchase with the game and at 3k hours ive got my monies worth.
  4. Dodging kangaroos here is a nightmare driving at night. Like horde night everynight
  5. Food use for vehicles. Im fine with it. Seeing that the player doesn't have to sleep. After driving 12 hrs etc, im tired as. So food and drink slots into that imo.
  6. @madmole has the flying fox been axed completely? Elevator still a possibility ?
  7. Gazz i can't wait for gold. Where you know what does what. As a Paradox games player im really getting frustrated at the constant changes to mechanics that have been in place since launch. Live service model of whatever the fark it is im over it now. Must be my 43yrs starting to make me cranky lol
  8. Personally id rather see just updated zombies, car mod, bandits then go gold. Optimising is really needed imo. But what do i know. Flying fox going to be added or was it permanently scrapped?
  9. Zombie type idea. Knocks player down. Like what happens when you get tangled up with a vehicle. Shoulder charge which allows zombies to swarm you while getting back to your feet.
  10. Do Z's do different damage to different blocks? Cement v Iron block for example. I haven't used iron frames etc after A17 dropped. Guessing not, just wondering the use of Iron frames now.
  11. In Ravenhearst z's spawn as you approach. Oh and MM "release the Kraken"! Keen as
  12. I really dont understand the shrubbery complaints. I like it being removed as it's a "rough" guide to knowing you've cleared the Poi. Im hoping that in future there is a way to mark the map that doesn't clutter the ui, compass. I play without loot respawn
  13. Yea Forest and Desert ive only ever used as base biomes. I used to live just outside of Hub City but alas........ ?
  14. Ok. Yea just a wandering horde size ( number of z's ) Wandering Horde frequency etc I like insane difficulty except the hit points of the zombie. If we could keep everything but the hit point would be sweet. just a thought ?
  15. @mm So any talk of more game option for A19 or later? Zombie HP slider for example
  16. A19 looks to be coming along nicely. So won't be out on the 9th of March, my 43rd birthday oh yay lol For A19 or 20 whatever , chance for more options on difficulty settings? Higher wandering hordes count Frequency of horde But mainly zombie hitpoints if i could choose 1. Insane difficulty is great and all but hp sponges not so much. Just my 2 cents
  17. Im running a Agility/Intellect game atm. Really enjoying it. I feel though that you need Intellect in every game. The tree is so OP , way to much needed perks in my opionion. Are you going to adjust Intel at all?
  18. Roland did a few yrs back but no idea if thats still a done thing.
  19. Rubbish.... wrench the radiator then hammer to fix the holes.... i know because ive played 7 days lol
  20. Haven't checked in since Oct 2018 ..... Gotta say well done to you Pimps for the outstanding A18. Loving what ive just spent a few hours reading this thread. New changes with ISS and Irradiated Z's big fan. Only thing id like to see more of is options. From what ive seen, seems like this is the way the team is heading. Anyway gratz and contuine the great work.
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