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    Managed to get the full crash and the corresponding log file. Hope this helps. Appreciate you taking time to look into it. BTW, I tried running 7D2D with the mod under Wine using OpenGL renderer. It does not crash. 7d2d_winter_crash.txt output_log__2021-01-12__10-08-09.txt
  2. vitamin


    I grabbed the master branch. But it looks like it is for A19.2. Just checked out a19.3 branch and created a new world. Same thing. Crashes right when the player is being first drawn on the screen. Still no backtrace.
  3. vitamin


    I was just starting the new game. Single player. Here is the full log. New world generated fine. The crash is always reproducible. output_log__2021-01-09__11-05-40.txt
  4. vitamin


    Any idea why it might be crashing on Linux? Not much help from the logs. Last few lines say: 2021-01-09T11:08:16 154.064 INF Respawn almost done 2021-01-09T11:08:16 154.072 INF PlayerSpawnedInWorld (reason: LoadedGame, position: -1632, 66, -1728): localplayer Obtained 1 stack frames. #0 0x0000004124761f in (Unknown)
  5. Quality Joe skill does exactly what it says - increases quality of found loot by the particular amount. So with level 4/5 you should be getting all the loot with +70 quality. Now for the base quality, for your level 60 character base quality is 51 - 150. And you won't ever get items better than quality 350. The reason devs removed scavenging skill is to get around it's broken (or intended?) mechanic. Authors of this mod want for loot quality and level (common, uncommon, rare, untrarare) to scale with player level instead.
  6. Quoting the release notes (first line): Wipe means you have to start a new game.
  7. The server might be running a different mod version than you do. Aside from that have no ideas. Since this mod requires EAC off there is no way to sync files between server and a client.
  8. This is normal. All SDX mods show this. The only issue I can find is you trying to play on Navezgane. This is not a good idea for mods that have many more POIs and modified world generation. There is definitely something up. Seen several people having same issue on discord. Mod devs might need to take a close look at this. What Jax meant is this mod mostly balanced around MP coop game play. Single player will have to learn additional classes to be able to progress. Which makes game much more challenging, especially with difficulty constantly increasing based on in-game day.
  9. Mod changed categories of many items. Think they tried to reduce lag on other stations. You should still be able to buy everything from show all and secret stash tabs. - - - Updated - - - Did mod launcher had any errors? Also, are you installing into separate directory structure as suggested by that image (ex: c:\7D2D)? And are you trying to play SP or join a server? - - - Updated - - - How much memory does your PC have? Also, check the log (default 7DaysToDie_Data\output_log.txt) for any obvious errors. Might also upload to pastebin.com and post link here. - - - Updated - - - Sounds about right (at least the way it was in RH3). Using stone tools in this mod is an extreme PITA. Until you get at least an iron pickaxe just avoid special ores.
  10. It's been added in RH4.0. If you seeing this problem your install is broken. Try reinstalling it again with modlauncher as shown here: https://imgur.com/XBjSyEO If you doing manual install, you must start with vanilla A16.4 version.
  11. What exactly broken about it? It looked fine to me. Mod did change some categories. But show all, and secret stash should still have all the items.
  12. What exactly did this do? I thought it let me build 3 separate tiers starting from their starting block (wood, cobble, rebar). But it's not the case. This is a huge hindrance to any building required major amount of _wasted_ resources and time.
  13. It's not an XML file edit. Some code changes are required.
  14. Server link is the correct link for single player. It worked fine for me. What is the problem you having?
  15. It did work for me. The problem is an internal flag that's not being set correctly initially. After starting then stopping station, this flag gets properly reset.
  16. Game is balanced around multiplayer. Also early on without any skills all weapons do very little damage. Together this means groups of several people can go through lots of ammo in first few weeks, before they can make their own ammo. Food and water shouldn't be an issue if you looting regular houses (kitchens in particular). Big apartment buildings are very valuable. Remember to make microwave ASAP. Pour all canned food into bowls, and then heat them in the microwave. - - - Updated - - - This is known issue with those models. To avoid this problem, place forge / blacksmith station, then immediately start them and stop them.
  17. Correct. You can not craft guns, with exception of few special weapons.
  18. To give yourself a quest run this command in the console "givequest <quest name>". For quest name it's quest_FarmerClass01 - quest_FarmerClass11 whichever one you were on.
  19. According to the XML you need to use butcher's knife when harvesting stag and bear to get those items. After playing for hundreds of hours SP and MP I always used butcher's knife (after finding one) and have yet to get dear head or bear skin.
  20. It's not gone. Trace your path back, you'll find it. The game saves minibike position less often than player's position. When game crashes you will end up ahead of the minibike.
  21. Correct. You have to be in the station when crafting things for them to count. Applies to drinks, food, etc. Have to find it. And then you'll have to find one more... Just look in usual weapons drops - gun safes, gun store boxes. You do not have to complete class quests ASAP. You only get XP and upgrade points. Nothing else.
  22. Was talking about large bodies of water, excluding POIs and watering holes. Not sure what your point? Crossbow with steel cross bolts explodes heads same well, but very slow to reload. Also I was not talking about legolas skill. Even without it head explode with archery skill above 40 (nomad difficulty). And I've been playing RH 3 for hundreds of hours both SP and MP, and watched number of streamers playing it. Think by now I know what I'm talking about.
  23. It's not that broken. First, it's pretty rare, so having 600 quality LSAT is nearly impossible. Even having 300 quality would be very hard, especially on day 14. Second, LSAT is expensive to repair. Third, it's head shot modifier is only 4, comparing to 7 for steel crossbow bolt, and 12 (!) for reinforced crossbow bolt. Archer class by itself is nice, with good progression, and variety of weapons. But the repeating crossbow just makes everything else irrelevant. And it scales to the point of being OP very fast.
  24. Running at me? Yes, with the speed repeating cross bow shoots. However it's impossible to lend every single shot, since game itself has built-in miss chance.
  25. No other class has a weapon that single-shots high level zombies. And not even with maxed out stats.
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