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    Managed to get the full crash and the corresponding log file. Hope this helps. Appreciate you taking time to look into it. BTW, I tried running 7D2D with the mod under Wine using OpenGL renderer. It does not crash. 7d2d_winter_crash.txt output_log__2021-01-12__10-08-09.txt
  2. vitamin


    I grabbed the master branch. But it looks like it is for A19.2. Just checked out a19.3 branch and created a new world. Same thing. Crashes right when the player is being first drawn on the screen. Still no backtrace.
  3. vitamin


    I was just starting the new game. Single player. Here is the full log. New world generated fine. The crash is always reproducible. output_log__2021-01-09__11-05-40.txt
  4. vitamin


    Any idea why it might be crashing on Linux? Not much help from the logs. Last few lines say: 2021-01-09T11:08:16 154.064 INF Respawn almost done 2021-01-09T11:08:16 154.072 INF PlayerSpawnedInWorld (reason: LoadedGame, position: -1632, 66, -1728): localplayer Obtained 1 stack frames. #0 0x0000004124761f in (Unknown)
  5. Do we have the release notes for experimental yet?
  6. It's been out for 4 days already. To download it select "NONE - Opt out of all beta programs".
  7. It will, your loot. All loot tables are scaled based on %% of max level. To get the best loot you need to be at lvl 300 (or 100% of max level possible). If you change that to 999, your loot will be like lvl 100.
  8. Several mods do this in a slightly different ways. But idea is the same. I really would like to see the overall progression slowed down. Especially considering that world is much smaller. Need to have players stay in same place longer. But not an artificial ways like slow running speed or no access to transportation. Need good reasons to stay in one place.
  9. I can get behind this, as long as it's not RNG. Some people have the worst luck imaginable finding that last missing piece.
  10. I like the idea of no level gates and more points for higher tier perks. This will allow early specializations. But as others pointed out, this will accelerate progress and bypass primitive tools. Also balancing will be more difficult as each specialization will have to be feasible for SP. Or you'll end up locking SP players into average Joe at everything type situation.
  11. If you saying it works as intended then I'll leave it at that.
  12. The only ones are see are extra damage against stunned enemies. So it's very limited use. And not a fact that it's any better than 2 regular attacks. And still doesn't help with mining tools.
  13. That's exactly why I'm asking. What was the intention of power attacks? Some mods had it in A16 and it was useful but situational. For example, early game it was life extension of a tool that can not be repaired. Or a guaranteed knock down of a dangerous zombie in a confined space. Or saving time mining or looting. As it stands, unfortunately, power attacks are useless.
  14. Are you sure about that? XML doesn't list any buffs applied to zombies on secondary attack. Nor is it even possible to use a power attack on knocked down zombie since it takes longer for an attack to trigger than for zombie to get up. From playing for a few in-game days using power and regular attacks I see absolutely no benefits in power attacks using clubs. And definitely they are counter productive on axes and picks.
  15. Can devs explain what's the use of power attacks now? If they use 50% more stamina for clubs and 200% more for axes and picks, plus a 1.5-2 s pause in stamina regeneration (an additional 15-20 stamina) just for 2x the damage and no extra benefits?
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