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  1. Lame. Glad it isnt a mod issue, because this mod is the best mashup of the things i like from all other mods ive played!
  2. So my friend and i were playing this mod, post updates to both launcher and mod, and i had made significant upgrades to a POI. we both left, going in different directions looking for air drops, only to find they were nowhere to be found where the markers said they were. Dug underround as well, and founf nothing. Got frustrated and went back to base, to find that the entire POI had reset itself like we had never been there, and everything we had done, changes, looting, storage boxes we had put down, evertything was gone. Why? What would cause this? we lost an entire nights work on this, and have nothing to show for it, and its almost hoard night.
  3. So my friend and i are playing this mod, seed name is MANUP. So as we are playing, i had upgraded and reinforced the Space needle POI, and cleared it out and turned it into a base. Proceeded to leave to go gather air supply drops, to return to find that the POI had reset itself, and all of my loot had poofed like i had never been there... What would cause this?
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