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  1. What do I need to get BCM to work ? I downloaded the latest version of alocs and this. It still will not work.
  2. LOL talk to Khaine darkness Falls about finishing up his Trailer.
  3. LOL talk to Khaine darkness Falls about finishing up his Trailer
  4. Mudlet and wrapper work well still.
  5. Launcher and Rat are prone to install them selves twice some times! Don't know why but they do! I had two installs on the same dates of each.
  6. RWG is like Lancelot Link Secret Chimp wrote the coding for it. I have not got a stable server running yet and barely a halfway stable client!!! - - - Updated - - - Does anyone have a batch file to start a dedicated server? I can not get the batch file the moderators for the Pimps say will start it to run. Easy to read a script when you don't run a server and say the batch file will work.
  7. Get Bad Company Manager bc-import "name of prtefab" It will import. There are other commands to add placement n s e w but all you nees to do other wise is be at level you want the prefab.
  8. I have never been able to get a batch file to start a 7d2d dedicated server. It opens counts down and says punch any key and closes.
  9. Do you know of anyone who might pick up 7 days to die server manager? The guy who does it is moving on to other games. And has posted the source files for anyone that would want to try it. On discord. - - - Updated - - - It works mostly but RWG and Other maps provided as basic are not on it nor the new way to make RWG as options.
  10. MellowRebel

    Server Tools

    Bad Company works now !!! Here are the commands if you use it and coppis whi9ch s still broke!!! **Bad Company Commands*** This is for anyone that might need these in text to aid them ***Bad Company Commands*** bc-help => (BCM) BCHelp - Provides a list of all active BCM commands, and info about /options bc-settings, set => (BCM) Settings - Command to set and clear values from the settings persistent cache bc-trash => (BCM) Mem Trash - Runs Garbage Collection to try and free up Memory on the server bc-api => (BCM) BroadcastAPI - Command for server managers to subscribe to data feeds from the server bc-test => (BCM) Test - Catchall command for testing new features bc-lp => (BCM) Players - Provides extensive information about all players bc-pdf, bc-pfinfo => (BCM) Player Files - Player data file information, such as steamid, last online, last write. bc-loc, loc, pos => (BCM) Location - Gets your current position and stores it in cache for use in other commands bc-admins => (BCM) Admins - Provides information on admins, bans, whitelist, and other admin details bc-gs => (BCM) Players Gamestages - Alias for BCPlayers bc-id, bc-lpids => (BCM) Players Ids - Alias for BCPlayers bc-pos, bc-lppos => (BCM) Players Positions - Alias for BCPlayers bc-le => (BCM) Entities - Provides information about all entities in the game bc-chunks, bc-cc => (BCM) Active Chunks - Information about the chunks loaded by the server bc-time => (BCM) Time - Provides server time, ticks, fps, clients, entities bc-getspawn => (BCM) Get Spawn - Gets a valid spawn point at the given x,z. Also loads the chunk. bc-assets => (BCM) Assets - Provides info on game resources and assets bc-go => (BCM) Game Objects - Provides detailed information about the game objects such as blocks, items and recipes bc-lhcd, bc-hcd => (BCM) Hub Cell Data - A list of all prefabs in a given Hub Cell bc-version => (BCM) Versions - Information about the mods installed on the server bc-geb, bc-gebuff => (BCM) Give Buffs to Entities - Buffs the entity or type of entity with the given buff bc-gpb, bc-gpbuff => (BCM) Give Buffs to Players - Buffs the remote player with the given buff bc-gpq, bc-gpquest => (BCM) Give Quests To Players - Grants the remote player the given quest bc-setskill, setskill => (BCM) Set Skills On Players - Allows you to directly set skill levels on a player while they are online bc-reb, bc-debuff, bc-rembuff => (BCM) Remove Buffs From Entities - Removes a buff from an entity or type of entity bc-rpb, bc-rpbuff => (BCM) Remove Buffs From Players - Removes a buff from an online player bc-rpq, bc-rpquest => (BCM) Remove Quests From Players - Removes an in progress quest from the player bc-remove, remove => (BCM) Remove - Removes the selected entities from the game by unloading them bc-spawn, spawn => (BCM) Spawn - Spawns entities with definable targets and entities bc-showspawn, manager => (BCM) Horde Spawners - Gets information about the spawn manager system such as active spawns and spawncounts bc-wblocks, block => (BCM) World Blocks - Insert, report on, and swap blocks within the area bc-import, import => (BCM) Import - Loads a prefab from disk into the world, and activates sleeper spawns bc-export, export => (BCM) Export - Creates a tts prefab file of the defined location bc-visitregion, visit => (BCM) Visit Region - Visits the region given and reveals the map bc-tileentity, tile => (BCM) Tile Entity - Perform actions on the tile entities (loot containers and doors) in the area ***Options*** /log => Send the command output to the log file /chat => Send the command output to chat /console => Override command default settings for /log or /chat /color=FFFFFF => Specify a color for text sent to chat /details => For commands that support it, will give more details on items returned /nodetails => Override command default settings for /details /online => For ListPlayers commands it will display only online players (default shows all players) /offline => For ListPlayers commands it will display only offline players /all => Override command default settings for /online or /offline ***Output Format Options*** /1l => Returns json output on a single line (for server managers) /pp => Returns json output with print pretty enabled (default: on) /vectors => Returns all BCM Vectors as x y z objects rather than single string /csvpos => Converts all Vector3 co-ords to csv seperated (default is space seperated) /worldpos => Converts all Vector3 co-ords to Map Co-ords /strpos => Override command default settings for /csvpos or /worldpos - - - Updated - - - If coppis additions starts working agin I will post them also - - - Updated - - - bc-import abcd . the command to undo a mistake is bc-import /undo! (!undo may workalso but I have not tested it)
  11. LOL, not that you would be surprised but its broke. As is coppis additiona. They show up under version command! That might just be that it reads the folder title. Is there a new link to get the undate ? Nor when you do bc-help or cp-help. I hope you will fix it , if not thank you for what you have done!
  12. MellowRebel

    A16 Valmod Pack

    Hi Val . I have 2 questions I installed Overhaul like I have done before. However, the icons do not appear just red ??? How may I correct this? I did it once before but its been a while. 2nd question did you once host a VIPER racing server?
  13. CRAZY joining with 7 days to die server manager screen locks up I used 7d2d v2 and I can join but not connect to manage. - - - Updated - - - But the mod will not load that way .
  14. hi everyone I started 2 days ago installing the server file for 5.3 wow server on a new never played copy of 7d2d . I got it started and it got about 10 lines of errors . I tried starting it again and the same . I reinstalled on another new copy and even download another new copy and still errors . Pretty bad . But along with the errors the screen just locked up saying "WAITING ON SERVER". I tried the 7d2d launch and did a perm install on a new copy of the client . It ran as a server fine but not as a dedicated server as I want to have. almost 3 days now and no JOY on the 7d2d dedicated wow5.3 server. Now it just tries to start the server over and over in 7d2d server manager. Same screen as SUMZIUS just started it got waitng on server 12:10 - - - Updated - - - skipped rendering because gfx device is invalid (device lost) skipped rendering because gfx device is invalid (device lost) skipped rendering because gfx device is invalid (device lost)..... - - - Updated - - - Screen froze on "WAITING FOR SERVER"... - - - Updated - - - https://steamcommunity.com/id/MellowRebel/screenshot/951834748721853002 - - - Updated - - - https://steamcommunity.com/id/MellowRebel/screenshot/951834748721853486 - - - Updated - - - https://steamcommunity.com/id/MellowRebel/screenshot/951834748717678678 - - - Updated - - - EAC successful allowing Player Mellow Rebel with idxxxxxxxxxx . Its allowing me to join but still locked up . - - - Updated - - - I think its downloading the 'CHUNKS" but my screen does not show it but server manager does .
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