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  1. Khaine great mod. have 2 problems that we have encountered. 1.) farming of mushrooms. I have the farmer tree perk maxed out. Now when I put the mushrooms into a farm plot i yield only 3. and only 1, if not in a farm plot. it takes 2 mushrooms to make a set. really only netting +1 gain or -1 loss. Am I doing something wrong? Did I miss something? 2.) Horde night loot bags. THERE is way too much, it is to a point where we have our base set up in a hallway and we can't repair on the fly because the bags are stacking too high. We can easily get 150 plus on horde night. is that intended?
  2. Guppycur and Devrix. Thanks a bunch. I definitely did i wrong but I reread it and it works now.
  3. enjoying the mod a lot. played stand alone to get used to it but then i used mod launcher to use it with WoTW. and I am getting basic text. No description, followed what I had to do and it still gives me the basic text
  4. Don’t know if this a bug or not but I got an error while passing a castle with the moat around it and it loaded only about a quarter of it. Then moved over to a blank part. Just fell through the world. Hit god mode to fly out but no avail. Then teleported to a part that was loaded fine then ran back to test the area and then around the castle POI. It stopped loading POI and you fell through the world again. Until you exit the game and continue. Hopefully that makes sense. I will try get the error but it had to do something with not loading the chunk.
  5. givequest classtrainingcovert2. In the console. should give you the quest
  6. HAHA thanks LionsDen. how in the hell did i miss that LOL
  7. I used the HD nailgun and it worked for me, I had portland mix and upgraded a rebar block - - - Updated - - - Anyone else having a tough time to completing the electricians quest line 4, craft a battery bank? I used admin to get the schematic, read it and it still says I don't know the required recipe. Am i missing the skill because I couldnt find anything but ECO/HD battery bank
  8. KhaineGB, i know this is minor but every time I log on and loot a bird's nest and it has an egg. The journal pops up and tells me about animal husbandry. The last 20 or so entries has been about that. minor but getting annoying. ONLY when you start up a game though.
  9. LOL true you can do that too Khaine, but i sneak a alot. I like one shot one kill play. just my play style. Just a question. is there plans for making like zinc and copper minable for brass? Just seems brass is lacking in resource gathering.
  10. For behemoths. I found that using Recog. Having the perk where you do 200 percent damage. Think it is survival. And the coil pistol. Have some perks into pistols. And basically if you are lucky enough you can get a clear shot to the head with recog and sneaking, you can one shot them. Coil rifle you need 2 shots.
  11. Well That is very disappointing. and extremely frustrating. Love the Mod. Keep up the good work
  12. I am getting this bug. It has happened 3 times today. err exception in load chunk. Stream exception. failed to read past end of stream. stream position 42033 length compressed 42033. What it is doing that is resetting the chunk and it is erasing half my base every time. I started the game went on a fetch quest, came back and got that error. looked at my base half of it gone. Redid the missing parts. went on another kill quest. some looting. upon coming to the trader, got the same error, and the same part of the base was missing along with the trees, rocks and grass all respawned. Any ideas
  13. To the people that are having a hard time finding the class papers. I found that the Canuck Stupor store, for my RNG on 2 different seeds, were pretty good at getting all of them. i think i had most class papers by day 35.
  14. Stryker, use a weed hacker on azaleas. the chance is kinda low though.
  15. 2 things for the update, can POI stop disappearing when walking to them and can we make zinc powder. I mean we can mine it and we have a mortar and pestle. shouldnt be hard to get zinc powder?
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