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  1. Awesome work with the mod, Khaine! Thanks for all your efforts. 3.2 is working fine for me, but I had a question about crafting things in the forge. Finally found the book, and set it down to make some arrows, and noticed that a single iron arrowhead takes 38 seconds to make. Is this intended?
  2. So I've been playing since like alpha 15 or so, and I love it, but I can't stand the fact that zombies make zero sound when indoors. It makes me feel like my character is deaf or something. How can it be that sometimes I can hear a zombie's activation snarl from about 20 meters away, but if I'm sneaking around in a house, any damage I take is ALWAYS the result of taking a blow to the back of the head from some random that levitated down a hallway without any footsteps or anything? Is this a design decision with an explanation, or a known bug that will be addressed in a future alpha? Because f
  3. If you're going to use this mod, might I suggest adding in this guy's Picture-in-Picture mod for the scopes? There's already a patch for it, so integration shouldn't be that much more work. Personally, I'm convinced that this is how views through scopes in 2019 should be, and REFUSE to play with the standard tga overlay anymore.
  4. This should be standard for Vanilla. Seriously. You're doin' the lord's work, brother. Awesome, awesome, awesome job! It would be awesome if this could work with all gun scopes across all gun mods.
  5. This is awesome! Is there any chance of getting this to work with the overhaul mods, like Darkness Falls?
  6. Hey Khaine! First off, thanks for all the effort and hard work you put into this mod. In my opinion, you deserve to be put in the credits for the game for keeping it alive over all these iterations. I love the mod and think it's awesome. Someone else in the thread mentioned that they were having trouble with installing DF, and I'm having the same problem. After transferring the vanilla 7 days folder, I try to pre-sync the mod to download it for the first time and the launcher seems to be stuck on "Performing Full clone." while the progress bar in the corner says refreshing mods for darknes
  7. Howdy again, just finished the Thumper mission and have a few comments. I'll try my best not to drop any hardcore spoilers: 1) The [REDACTED] that appears (the thing you have to upgrade to advance the quest) always spawns slightly damaged, and there is no way to repair it to full in order to actually upgrade it. I wonder if there's anything that can be done to help with this, or if it's intended. 2) The [REDACTED] that you get after the mission has no localization/stats/information so there is no way to know where it stands with other things you own. 3) The music and effects were bada
  8. First of all, this mod, along with others like Darkness Falls, has saved this alpha cycle for me, and I'm probably not alone in that. Your work is amazing, and playing thru the first 20 levels has given me a true sense of pride and accomplishment. Heh. Anyway I have a few questions and comments so far. First the comments: I first downloaded the 2K version and booted it up to find the smaller textures showing up on some of the objects in-game like the shopping cart, wooden club, bird nests etc. I thought maybe the Vanilla version wouldn't have those problems and downloaded that one. Turns o
  9. Howdy again, I just tried starting up a new map twice with the DFalls-Small world, and upon Initializing World, got a File Not Found exception saying that there was no height data found. Will test again, but just wanted to know if this was known or not. Sorry to keep bothering you with stuff, but just wanted you to know.
  10. Sorry to bother you with more dumb questions: 1) How can I unlock the regular combat axe? Is it only found in loot? 2) Started as a Security/Scientist and unlocked Hunter after that. I put 5 pts in Stealth Assassin (Sneak attack+200%), but when i sneak kill something with an AR15, it only says DMG x 2.0 as opposed to 3.0. Is it just not displaying correctly, or am I missing out on damage? Again, totally lovin' the mod. You are single-handedly saving this Alpha cycle.
  11. Something I stumbled upon. I'm playing a laborer/scientist, and during the laborer quest chain (3rd part of 6 i think), I leveled from a zombie kill and put a point into hammer and forge. This made it Hammer and Forge 2/5 before the quest line finished. Now that I finished the quest, levels 3-5 are redded out and disabled "due to status effect." I should have read more about the quest lines here before trying to rush iron tools, but just thought I'd let anyone else know. TL;DR - Finish your class quest line before putting points into your class perks.
  12. Arrow Sponges... I'm on day 2 as an Archer, and I feel like it's taking way too many arrows to down simple zombies and animals. 3-4 head shots with the lvl 300 Xbow + Iron Bolts to down a boar seems a bit much. Similarly, the lvl 50 wooden bow takes 4 head shots to get blue-shirted zombie down and then another in the head on the ground to finish. Considering the difficulty involved with gathering resources in the first few days and the number of zeds you must re-murder in order to boost your skill, (and the fact that there is no more Robin Hood perk) I think that the HP of zombies is set to
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