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  1. Haha, you're one of THOSE guys. Well, I do use RAT, but no scripts that I know of. I don't use mods. It's pretty vanilla except for some changes in the serverconfig.xml.
  2. Update on this: It's not just when I leave. When anyone leaves, it spawns Screamers on top of the remaining survivors. There's only about six of us playing. It must be that the heat is divvied up amongst the survivors, and then when someone leaves, it recalculates the heat amongst the remaining players. Since we have so few players, the recalculation is drastic. For example (pardon my made up numbers): Let's say 100 heat attracts a Screamer. If the total heat on the map was 540, but there were 6 players, that's only 90 heat per player. As soon as a player leaves, 540/5=>108, suddenly screamers. This is total guesswork, but at this point, I'm just confused as to why we're always spawning screamers when people log out now.
  3. Thanks for your reply, but I don't think you understand. I can will them into existence by leaving my server. I could log off, log on, kill the screamers and repeat. I understand their attraction to heat, but this is something totally different. It's ONLY when I log off. In fact, I don't think I've seen a screamer EXCEPT when I log off.
  4. I run a dedicated server off my machine for my friends and I to play on. I've been doing this since around A13. We just started an A19 game on PREGEN01, and if there is anyone remaining on the server when I log out, screamers will spawn. If I'm the last one to leave, obviously the server goes into stasis and does not spawn any. It's happened three nights in a row so far, the first night when a newbie had just joined the game, and he was still level 1. Fortunately, I was still on discord, and I told him to log out since he was the last player on, and that killed the screamers for us. First time was 6 screamers, second was 10, third was only 2. Aside from possibly abusing this for tons of experience, this doesn't seem right, and newer players could find themselves getting their bases overwhelmed. Has anyone else encountered this?
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