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  1. @KhaineGBLoved DF! Any chance of porting the elevator out as a stand alone modlet for use in vanilla?
  2. This isn't a bug, but has anyone else noticed that turning down the loot has a drastic effect in-game? I play with another person and when loot abundance is set to 100%, we are both loaded to the gills every time we come "home". So when b179 dropped we decided since we had to start a new game that we'd turn the loot down to 75%, thinking we'd get 25% less. But the reality is more like we are getting 25%-not 25% less. There are so many trash piles and boxes that are completely empty! I could understand it if it was junk I didn't want, but empty!? Has anyone else had a similar experience? I think this maybe should be looked at in terms of balance. I guess I should mention that we play on "Adventurer" difficulty.
  3. Just started playing a couple of days ago and so far, so awesome! Quite a refreshing change from the standard zombie playthrough. Can't wait to see where this goes. Just curious though, I see all these stone hands with swords through the palm. What's up there? Is this something that is yet to be implemented? Perhaps a temple for alchemy? My wife just saw her first pair of juggernauts tonight and nearly cost me my hearing! Great mod! Keep up the good work.
  4. OK, it was a late night last night, so I didn't come back to reply, but I think I've got it hammered out. Turns out BB_Drifter had the key. It was Malwarebytes blocking the github connection? Not sure what it was actually doing, but when I turned MB off, it worked fine to D/L Clockwork Orange and launched fine. I do have a couple of questions about using the launcher. The user blurbs made it look like there was a way to kinda mix and match mods using the launcher. Like if I wanted to play CW Orange, but wanted to use the BBM from WOTW's. I see that there is SMX Big Back Pack listed under "UI's", so I would D/L this and.....what? sphereii--Thanks again for your time and patience in helping me through getting the launcher issue straightened out. Big Thank You and a tip 'o the hat to BB_Drifter for the clue about MB!!
  5. I have Microsoft .NET version I disabled Malwarebytes and tried to Pre-sync the mod again, but still same errors. I decided to try D/Ling another mod using the launcher, with MB disabled. I decided to leave SSL disabled and told it to D/L a fresh copy from Steam. I'm in the process now and will let you know the outcome.
  6. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ok...I checked Disable SSL, then restarted the launcher. The presync still gave the same error messages. With SSL still disabled I checked the D/L from a mirror box and then tried the Pre-Sync, same error messages. And just because I wasn't sure, I unchecked Disable SSL and then, with the D/L from a mirror box still checked I tried the Pre-Sync again, no joy. :-/ Just to let you know, I have the "Run game as admin" box checked as well. As far as my computer...Win 8 x64, windows firewall, Malwarebytes 3.4.5 free for my antivirus.
  7. @sphereii--Thanks for leading me by the hand ;-). Here is the link you requested. https://pastebin.com/cpZQSJ5d I suspect that we are in different countries, given the amount of time between our postings, so I suspect this will take a couple of days of back and forth. Thanks again for taking the time.
  8. @ sphereii...I am having the exact same issues as Amanitasec...Same errors on trying to launch. I also have validated my files on the vanilla game and even tried the Win 7 tool just for giggles...(It would not run as I am using Win 8). I D/L'd the mod file and installed manually and it works fine, but I'd really like to get this resolved so I can switch between a couple of mods. The mods I have tried (Ravenhearst & WOTW's) both show as installed on the splash page, but when I try to launch either, I just get vanilla. Any ideas?
  9. @ Sinda, Yeah, I saw that blurb about Win7, but I'm using Win8 and I saw that the launcher was OK to use with that. I D/L'd a copy of the file and installed it manually and was able to play NP, but I'd still like to get this issue resolved so I can switch back and forth with other mods when I want to. EDIT: Just for the H of it, I D/L'd the "EasyFix" tool, thinking it might help, but upon trying to run it, I received the message that the tool was not for my OS and it did not run.
  10. @Shinda Yeah, that's what I did, but no joy. One thing I didn't mention was that I get this line about 6 times: Peforming Full Cloning of https://github.com/JaxTeller718/Ravenhearst_3_1_7DayEdition Error Downloading... Clearning corrupted data. Then is changes to: Maximum number of attempts reached, attempting Direct Download Downloading https://github.com/JaxTeller718/Ravenhearst_3_1_7DayEdition/archive/master.zip Re-attempting... Downloading https://github.com/SphereII/7D2DPatches/raw/master/Alpha16.4/ZombieTextures/ZombieTextureOverhaul.zip Total Download Time: 00:00:10.09 ...And then it gives: Launching \7DaysToDie.exe -configfile=\SaveConfig.xml Game Started ...But all I get is vanilla.
  11. I'm having a problem using the launcher. I've played WOTW's just fine, using a manual install. Now I want to try Ravenhearst and decided it would be a good time to try the launcher. I let it download a fresh copy of each via my steam account and both games show up in the list and both say "installed", but neither one will play. When I start either game, it just plays vanilla. What am I missing?
  12. Don't know if anyone else is having this problem, but the lock-picks don't seem to work on either doors or on safes. I have both kinds and neither will unlock their respective locks. I haven't tried gun safes yet, but they do not unlock wall safes. The door lock-picks don't seem to work on any door.
  13. That's what I did and it works fine. Just make sure all your friends have it on their box also. I highly recommend the big backpack mod also. 72 spaces in the backpack and the minibike as well. EDIT: I should say that we are playing LAN. I would think it would be OK over the net also, but if you are hosting the game on the box you are also playing on, it will start to lag if you have more than a couple of people playing.
  14. @ PacifickFR42: The only way I have found to unload a weapon is to take it apart, then reassemble it.
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