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  1. Maybe if they didn't make it so hard to find the way to make a "propper report" they would have a lot more reports. so why haven't they? why not make a direct link on the main menu for the players to file a report like most other games? Simple answer. They don't want reports, because they don't want to fix the game. It's not Microsoft fault. The only one to blame is the team. Passing blame onto someone else do to there own failures just shows a lack of leadership. They need to take responsibility for there own inadequacies, and hire professional game testers. Instead of relying on players w
  2. Day 18 and day 24. different maps. Did it after every crash.
  3. NO point in playing this game if you can't make any progress. how about instead of putting out more content, you all stop waisting time adding extra stuff to the game, and focouse of the BIGGEST PROBLEM. I'm tierd of hearing "We are sorry this happend to you." No, your not. It's not just happening to me. It's happening to EVERYONE. "We are working on it." No you are not. It's been over a year. I bet if I went to check on your progress, you all would caught with your pants down. Crashes and base wipes are happening more frequintly than ever. So no. I don't think you guys are doing anything t
  4. Let us know if this works. and by "us" I mean the comunity. We are all watching to see if this contenues to work.....no pressure. lol I will be doing this with my file on xbox one from now on and will post if base still wipes.
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