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  1. Seconding this. Still very frustrated by arrows and bolts that very clearly fly THROUGH the zombie character model inflicting zero damage. Head, neck, torso, doesn't seem to matter anymore. I've witnessed this too many times at ranges close enough to verify the actual trajectory of the arrow without error to ensure it's actually going through the zombie and not just missing somehow. I'm not sure how to submit a bug report for this issue, and it's intermittent enough that I don't know how to reliably duplicate it. I can say I have had, in one instance, four iron crossbow bolts fired from a compound crossbow fly clean through the torso of a business zombie. They did not hit and shatter, they went through and dealt zero damage. I was at a range where, while aiming down ADS, there was zero chance of the bolt flying off and not hitting, and I watched every single one through its full trajectory. I actually had to backpedal away to keep firing before eventually landing two shots to kill.
  2. I'm so glad I'm not the only one experiencing this! My FPS will start out fine (locked at 60 FPS), but the longer I play sooner or later I will just hit a spike that dumps my FPS into the 20s or less, without warning, and will not go away without a restart (not really possible when hosting a MP game). I have an i7-9700k (OCed, but OC vs non-OC makes on difference), RTX 2070 (OC model, but not OCed currently - again, no difference in the FPS issue whether it's OC or not), 32 GB 3200MHz CL14 RAM, and running both an NVME SSD for the system and a standard SATA6 SSD for the game. This issue has persisted since at least 18.4, and possibly earlier. The only "fix" I've found is with the new dynamic resolution system. Enabling that allowed me to regain my full 60 FPS without having to restart. Being a MP game, I did not experiment further at the time.
  3. Which is the difference between a Tier 1 item, and a Tier 2 item - not to be confused with Quality Levels. Quality affects stat ranges, and mod slots (Q1-Q2 = 1 mod slot, Q3-Q4 = 2 mod slots, Q5 = 3 mod slots, Q6 = 4 mod slots). It is possible for a lower Qlvl item to have higher stats than a higher Qlvl item, but the difference in Qlvl controls the chance of that happening (i.e. a Q5 item has a solid chance of being >= a Q6 item in stats, but a Q2 item has a low chance). A T2 item (i.e. Wooden Bow) will always have better stats, save for durability (controlled by Qlvl) than a T1 item (i.e. Primitive Bow) - i.e. a Q6 Primitive Bow (T1) will have higher durability than a Q1 Wooden Bow (T2). T2 vs T3 is a different beast, subject to complete randomized stats - only T1 is locked in place.
  4. You are comparing a "loaded" bow with an unloaded one. Unequip the level 1 (to remove the loaded arrows), and compare them side by side in your inventory. You will find the damage values the same. All Primitive weapons have the same damage (increased levels increase durability). All non-Primitive weapons have randomized stats.
  5. Ah, that makes sense (context matters! )- creating your own mini-game/goals within the confines of the game that isn't strictly fed to you. Similar to my constant desire to make an underground farm "just because" - nothing in the game rewards me for it, but I find the end objective (and even the journey along the way) fun and rewarding.
  6. I wasn't trying to knock it - honestly just curious, because I don't see it. As I've said, I have NMS and love playing it - I take great enjoyment out of all the mining and crafting, but waiting for it all to refine is boring as hell (although when it's finally all done, that is rewarding, but not because of the process so much as the result - i.e. now I can finally DO something with all this stuff). So, like you I do other things. I don't find refining in this game to be as enjoyable as it is in NMS because this game is not designed around it as much, but that's me. To each their own way of fun, and I completely respect that. Lol. Had this handle since... early 90s.
  7. Then go out and fight at night (they have an entire perk book set dedicated to it called Nightstalker), or dig a hole in the ground and mine (just make sure you're more than 30 blocks deep if you don't want to rile the neighbors). Why is it more fun waiting on the Forge to melt down Iron Ore into Iron, to then have it be spit back out so you can use it for crafting/building/etc., rather than simply having it already from mining? You either save that extra step of staring at the Forge doing nothing, or you have the choice of continuing to mine and essentially doubling your productivity (since now you don't have to wait all day for the Forge to smelt the Iron Ore into usable Iron).
  8. Your editing of my post in quote, and missing the point entirely, continues to make me laugh. Thank you for that. Weapon parts exist as a variable to control the pace of gameplay. You can argue it's cludgy, and I certainly would agree, but it's what we have. It's gating for the sake of pace and progression. I don't disagree with the goal, and I don't hate the implementation, although I think there are still tweaks to be made within the existing system in order to better balance it overall. I wouldn't hate this change in the slightest. Frees up yet more icons (which apparently is a performance thing?), streamlines gameplay and loot tables a bit more, and gives me more time to focus on the things that matter most to me: killing zombies, doing quests, and building bases. I don't hate their existence, but I won't mourn their loss if they go the way of the Dodo. I'd rather find a schematic in the trash than a brass doorknob.
  9. The irony in your statement is killing me. Thanks for the chuckle. That is a valid point, however the reason those other changes were implemented is the same reason as this one. This isn't Rimworld or Space Engineers or Subnautica though, and the gameplay loop they are moving towards is a less complex and/or tedious one for a reason - it's not the main drive of the game. Ultimately, this change saves time - time that can be better used to loot, trade, quest, or build. While I greatly appreciate the gameplay loops found in the aforementioned games, there's a reason I and many others are playing 7D2D instead of those other games (No Man's Sky especially - love that game! Haven't bought the others yet, but Subnautica is on my wish list). Giving players more time to do more of the things the game offers - building bases, looting POIs, questing for the trader - makes this a positive move for many. For you, you're going to miss that added step because it gave you a small sense of progression in the larger picture, and that's perfectly valid. That's a gameplay loop you and many others enjoy (myself included), but it's simply not the main gameplay loop being persued in this game. That doesn't mean the game is removing all crafting complexity, nor do I think that will ever happen. It's just being - well, you could say it's being processed or refined into a higher quality.
  10. Straw man. Raw Iron was only ever used in a recipe to create Iron. It was a "basic" building block that only had one pathway, and one step. Cement, which is made from Small Rocks and Sand (itself which can be made from Small Rocks), is the end of a larger chain: Small Rocks -> Sand, plus Small Rocks = Cement. The two are not comparable, and trying to make it such is deliberately obtuse - hence, straw man. It was an added step in a process for the sake of having a process - completely unnecessary tedium that some people will call "complexity". Roland touched on a point regarding complexity in other games, where the process chains are much longer, and the entire gameplay loop is built around that. 7D2D is not those games - it borrows elements of them, and whittles them down to their basic core to add overall complexity to the gameplay without adding tedium. It's a delicate balance, and some clearly don't agree with it, but it's the way this game is designed. You don't have to agree with the decision, but it's a valid decision made for the right reasons for the intended goals, and all this "Chicken Little" nonsense is more than a little ridiculous. Don't like it? Mod it, or play something else. We have broad freedom of choice in what games we play - it's a beautiful time to be a gamer in so many ways.
  11. Need more info to make proper suggestions. What difficulty setting, and what other adjustments? What character level? What Perk specs? What weapons and ammunition is available? For your first night, a basic building will be fine. If you have time, chop down a few trees and upgrade the bottom two or three blocks all around the building to reinforced wood. If you have further time, mine some stone from the huge boulders, and dig some dirt for clay to make Cobblestone. Then use that to upgrade the Reinforced Wood to Cobblestone (Flagstone?). Drop spikes two rows out from the building, and climb up on the roof to rain down arrows/bullets/explosives/whatever you have. Typical defense in the early stages involves a structure that you can easily access the top of to pick off targets with ranged weapons. It's important to have safe access to the lower blocks to perform repairs through the night, and plenty of ammo to get through the horde. Having multiple escape routes is a plus in case things go south (i.e. your building crumbles). Carry bandages on your toolbar! Have torches set up on the outside of the building in strategic points so you can see what you're being attacked by. Unlikely on a first night, but check the sky for Vultures periodically. Last of all, don't panic! At stock settings first time hordes are relatively tame (Day 14 ramps up considerably in comparison, but with proper preparation it can still be a walk in the park), so don't stress out about it. Fight, learn, adapt, overcome. You'll be fine.
  12. How awesome would it be to have a Flare Gun in the game? Or a Flare ammunition for the shotguns? Am I the only one who thinks this would be great? Is it possible to just do away with paint in its entirety, as far as loot goes, and simply build it into a radial menu for the Paint Brush? Maybe do something similar with clothing - i.e. under the cosmetic modifier slot, eliminate actual dyes and just have it pop open a color menu?
  13. Speculation, but it sounds like Iron content from mining iron veins is equivalent to the Forge ratio of Iron from Iron ore (i.e. if a vein yielded 100 Iron Ore, it will now yield 500 Iron). As for the stack size, I'm guessing it is unchanged - so you can call that a stealth nerf to Iron carrying capacity! Lol.
  14. In what world is 7 Days to Die in the same gameplay ballpark as Borderlands, Destiny, and Warframe? This whole "looter shooter" argument is bunk.
  15. Done. When I have some more time later on I'll continue to push the positives up higher where I can.
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