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  1. We know quest's and objectives will make the game more enjoyable and the introduction of bandit's will also help from game fatiuge. But as the story is unknown as yet (for good reason as the game could fizzle for some players if its known too early). Maybe it would be cool if they plotted 3 of the transmisson tower poi's around the map and you have to keep them running. They could need all sorts of parts that already exist and you would need to fuel the generators. In return you get a zombie apocolypse radiostation with adverts and all kinds of information. Not expecting ciphers
  2. Think it was mentioned the blunderbuss will make an exit and maybe replaced with a grenade launcher. Maybe it could be a 9mm Flobert smooth bore shotgun instead. Could be a good tier 1 weapon and use 9mm rimfire. Grenade launcher sounds cool but not really a tier 1 gun.
  3. I'm only giving ideas to something that may or may not be in the game. You would possibly need a remote to give the drone action commands. This would be done by holding the remote in you toolbelt and while holding it use the something like the ammo selection menu to give it commands. Remotes and drones are paired when built. You can have a rare chance of coming across drones and remotes but need to scrap them to parts as there never paired and only make your own when you have all the parts and a schematic.
  4. I suppose with a drone it can fly up high and circle when your inside a building like a vulture circles and extending the vulture class makes more sense than having to start a fresh on a base entity class. I'm not suggesting it blows everything to shreds on the rooftop like a incoming nuclear rolling thunder strike though. Trying to think of some cool mods and abilities for a drone has anyone else got any ?
  5. I had a look and couldnt find anything either. I tried a quick test with a zombie hitting a block vs pole but couldn't see any difference but it was a quick test and its not that easy to get accurate results the way i did it, someone smarter will find a better way of doing it. It maybe a bug and not by design. What i did spot with poles is you can glue on the side with air inbetween and if you stand on top of glued pole zombie pathing does not target the supporting block and goes round in circles. So i guess the assembly mesh is for a full block even though the collision is smaller
  6. Maybe a combination of radiation and a custom antidote/vaccine has mutated them. Bandits hopefully they have bases you can attack but not sure if they should attack your base , something to think about maybe you can zone it to biomes so there is a higher risk in certain areas to being attacked but greater resources etc.
  7. Sorry i shall research more before posting steel casings where already in and removed in alpha 16.
  8. Yes thinking about it the smelting of dukes was a silly question. I was thinking of a system but would be too complex for the amount of gameplay gain. Introducing steel bullet casings for standard ammo that increase wear on the firearm. Also you couldnt use HP or AP ammo with steel casings. And steel casings would need to made with coal(coke) Then make the dukes out of another material so you would need to scavange brass in other ways. Seems to make sense but doesn't bring much to the game.
  9. Is there any news about tier 5 trader quests regarding selection of POI's , i noticed there is a tier 6 but this wont improve selection if you stick to the same model as there is only 12 tier 5 buildings. Would it be possible to chain lower tier POI's together on a higher tier ? Also melting down dukes is this going to changed so there made of plastic to increase the rarity of brass.
  10. A vespa with side attached rocket launcher...Sign me up that sounds cool and a good target for anti material rifle. Nitros, supercharger etc sounds cool but really complex system to implement just to increase speed. How about a second tank you can fill with grain alcohol that increases performance slightly but uses lots of fuel and alchohol. Not sure what i would use a winch for ? MG turret i think everyone would want but can it be balanced and not too convulted design wise. Could decrease the tank size of the 4x4 and add a mod to increase it so you have to stop and refuel more
  11. Agree with there being enough vehicles but i suppose who is driving them pve or pvp and how to balance that. Being that you take a lot of impact damage from the 4x4 when you do a hard ground out how much do the vehicles protect you much from incoming fire ? Seems like a HE anti-material round is more difficult to balance than a smaller calibre round, could be a problem as difficult to balance items don't work well for gameplay.
  12. Logically i was agreeing it would made sense to make it not clip and then you have no worries about collision detection , people scoping though walls etc. HE anti material rifle kinda makes the rocket launcher even less used. As for the weight issue and realism i don't really think it comes into the discussion as you can keep a vehicle in your backpack/toolbelt. Would it be okay to breach high strength blocks and safes with it , what about vehicles seems like a grief weapon. What about effictive range how would that fit in with LOD. I'm not really arguing the point that its not
  13. I can see the logic of not having a .50 cal as a sniper rifle , maybe in the future an option is to make one bipod mount only where your fixed to place it and fire it. Question is how useful is an anti material rifle with limited ammo and fixed to the ground ? Would it be used and would it be worth spending time to develop. Now if bandits attacked my base with trebuchets i would proberly want one and maybe use it to take out high armoured entitys or bandit bases.
  14. You could be right it could be a matter of time and other areas need to be worked on. From what i read on the A18 release notes RWG system was completely rewritten so i'm guessing they have spent a lot of time on it already. Writing tests for this must be really difficult and constructing and flying round a map takes time, time they don't have and this is just a basic visual not identfying underlying issues. Keeping the mapsize to 8k seems sensible for this situation being you test the smaller maps as i guess generation is the same for larger maps but take less time to build and test.
  15. If the RWG needs improvement then i think the best thing to do at this current stage is continue using it as much as possible because finding the good and bad traits and will help improve RWG. I can see though if you want bigger than 8192k maps this is a problem. Possibly a major problem which is really unavoidable is the time it takes to generate the maps and the way players think differently regards the way the terrian suits the way they play the game. I will try the Hongkong seed later and see what its like. I recommend the seed PRNG set at (8k) mapsize if you like a more casual g
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