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    I am 21 with a passion of computers and anything zombie related.
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  1. Imagine that Alpha 21 (after Alpha 20) is the final Alpha lol. One can dream but then again the new and constant updates is kinda nice though.
  2. Steam name: thepcwiz101 Hours played: 8.8 hours (i bought the game back in december but i have many more on ps4 and i've watched videos on 7 days to die since alpha 12 i believe. Started on Alpha: If you go by my first interest in the game it would be alpha 12, if you go by ps4 then alpha 13 or 14, and pc well that's alpha 18. Discord name: thepcwiz101#2052 Native language: English Additional notes: I use a low end laptop that has an intel celeron n4000 and 4gb of ram (with additional 4gb of page file) so i can be the super low end tester.
  3. the fun pimps need to hire the dev of this mod and make it the new vanilla ui. This ui is far superior to the current vanilla one.
  4. Tbh we need nitrous, turbo charger mod (for 4x4 only), performance parts mod (increases chance of vehicle breakdown by 25% while increasing max speed by up to 100% and 25% more acceleration and also would be hard to find or make.), mounted machine gun, and even the ability to use a winch.
  5. mods in the future will fix this unless the devs make changes.
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