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  1. Look you can't make everyone happy what you call changes that are not adequate and lack common sense i love , and maybe what i would change the next guy loves and so on Just let the TFP do their thing they didn't dissapoint us until now (or at least me ) so there is no reason not to trust them .
  2. Well as far as i know the snow and dessert biomes were made so you would really need to prepeare beforehand so imagine if they were scatered everywhere it would not be great , you trying to get to one place early when you have no chlotes and having one of them in the way
  3. Because they were noring the learn ny doing you liked i for example hated and was ♥♥♥♥ed up like athletics and armor perks and weapon perks they were just bad took a lot of time , time that you cand now spend somewhere else same for farming and most things you listed
  4. Well the problem with forum polls regarding this kind of thing is that on the forum you will allways find a lot of people complaing probably even the 45% for the change came to the forums to complaing about something and ended up seeing and voting in the poll
  5. I understand that more mods will come , but mod quality should still be a thing , even if they add more mods but don't put some kind of system to make them accesible early for you to interact with the system that there will still be a problem
  6. Ok so regarding the new system , i must say i love it the whole guns , no difference between tiers , that is great , but i do feel like some people are right in some regards , i would really like to see more mods and mod quality like the weapons from 1 to 6 or 1 to 3 something like that . For example you have a tempered blade lvl 1 that gives +25 block damage and a lvl 3 that gives +75 block damage so there feels like you progress and you also interact with the mods more often and earlyer in the game . Right now as cool as the ideea is and really i love it , but waiting for hours and ho
  7. As far as i know the damage you do to zombies and the damage the zombies do to you is what changes . So if 3 is 100 with 100 , insane(6) is something like you give 0.5 normal damage to zombies and they give 1.5 or 1.75 damage to you something lile that not sure on the actual numbers tho
  8. Yeah buzzard still give feathers i don't know what you are talking about , and about loot i like it this way but i would like zombies to give different experience depending on how hard they go down
  9. I would rather have an 8k map that is normal than having the old large maps that were half water and half mountains
  10. Yeah , it might just be a thing , but I love it , really hated the old maps , one montain here and there is ok but maps made almost entierly of hills and montains , i'd rather have it like this flat and nice
  11. Honestly the old system was just bad and not emersive like why would some1 keep just the barrel of a gun in the safe what happened with the rest of the gun , but i get your point i would like to see less gun drops so when you find one then it feels rewarding
  12. Looking at the streamers for a few hours i think i will really like A17 , but i really hope we get more perks in time , right now with the limited number of perks and level gating it kinda looks like you can't really specialise you just invest in all perk trees to be able to get by .
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