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  1. I'm using v0.474, the A18.2 version of Nitrogen. I'm using A18.4 for my 7dtd game, could the difference in version be causing this main.ttw?
  2. I have had this problem only since using A18 Nitrogen. I have not used A19 Nitrogen or A19 at all. The problem I am having is when I get past ~7 days in the game, I switched the blood moon date to see if it was dependent upon blood moon but it isn't. The problem is that some of the prefabs break and become "merky" as I call it because some of the things within the prefabs will not look right. For example I have gone into 3 straight custom prefabs and I cannot see the floor because there is a one block high canvas over everything and then I will walk to a different location within the prefab an
  3. You have to put the prefabs from compopack into the prefabs folder of the game in programfiles
  4. It has to do with the java version. I had only the 32bit version and needed the 64bit version. Go to the Configure Java app > Java > View. Under the Architecture column the 32bit will be x86 and the 64bit will be x84_64. I had to manually download the 64bit version because the normal download link would only give me the 32bit. https://www.java.com/en/download/faq/java_win64bit.xml Under the Summary > Download Instructions will be links to both downloads, make sure you choose the 64bit, it will lead to another page with a manual download link for the 64bit. After down
  5. Now I'm getting an issue where there aren't any buildings. Just roads of towns with only trees and rocks to see. It has happened to both of the maps I have attempted to create. The preview shows where buildings are meant to be but in game there is nothing. Edit: I forgot to actually put the compopack 43 stuff in the prefabs folder
  6. This was the issue! I had to manually download the 64 bit version and turn off the 32 bit version. Thanks for the help, I'm currently counting sheep lol
  7. I'm having trouble with Java when starting nitrogen. It says "This application requires Java Runtime Environment 1.8" It takes me to the Java download page and I go through the process of downloading it again. I try to open nitrogen again and it says the same thing. I've checked all the settings in the Java control panel and everything is enabled. I checked the verify Java thing on the Java website and it says I have version 8 update 251. Anyone know how to fix this? I ran the executable jar file and when I click the generate button it says "Cannot detect a 64 bit Java VM, you migh
  8. I've been playing SharksInTheUSA and it spawned me right between the Desert city and the half Desert half forest in the middle. I posted up in the half and half town and then moved between the 3 desert cities and the loot is very nice. GoSharkYourself is just one I found while searching random seeds, I haven't searched around it very much.
  9. I wonder if there is a way to run the console version the game on a PC somehow. Not too familiar with larger stuff like that but I imagine you could screenshot the map x number of times and then stitch those screenshots together in photoshop. Ideally I'd like a website for console players that acts like the Random Gen World Previewer thing on the PC version so we can zoom in and what not and see what is around. Unfortunately I don't see the console community creating that large of a project, nor do I think the fun pimps are focusing on adding that feature to the console game.
  10. Theres not 1 single answer to this question, its very objective to the individual's specific set of criteria. Some people like large lakes some people cannot stand it, some people like the challenge of large non-green biomes (biomes that aren't forest) and some people like to only build bases in the forest. For your specific set of criteria I'd suggest "Roobie", "WnJ", or "chittychitty". All of these have plenty of towns with only a little water, more than a few traders, and little bit of every biome. For the seed Roobie I would recommend the coordinates around 808S 1175E because I know for su
  11. My last post should've been directed at you.
  12. On the seed "what" there is a town that I think will fit your criteria. It isn't a lake front town, but it is very very close to the town. The town is at 600N 1150W with the lake being a few hundreds blocks south, follow the road in the south east corner of the town and it will lead you to a lake. The town is in a snow biome and the lake is in a forest biome. The line between the biomes is the southern edge of the town. The town isn't huge but it has some of the new pois including the red mesa missile silo. Theres also a trader north east of the town along one of the paths. There is another to
  13. Seed name "Roobie", at around 800S 1170E there is somewhat flat land to the north and west of here, just west of here is a trader and just east of here is a trader. The land isn't 100% flat but there aren't any hills north and west of the coordinate above. I built my base and a farm here because its with 1km of the main hub city, 2 other cities (might be a third, I'm not sure), and 2 traders so you are in the middle of everything, plus its all pine and maple forest until you get to the main hub city. If water is an issue, there is a huge lake at around 150S 2000E or 2 houses with pools in a t
  14. Not sure how big of a dessert area you're talking about or if you are okay with a plains biome so I'll suggest that you watch Crackpot Texas on youtube. He does seed showcases where he goes around and shows all the towns, which will give you a look at all the biomes too so you can get an idea of where you can build your base. A few seeds with the most cities are: Roobie, WnJ, and AllOurDestiney. He has 2 videos on each of these seeds where you can adequately get an idea if these seeds have what you are looking for. Know that all main hub cities (towns at 0,0) are located in wasteland so there
  15. The easiest way to find one of these big cliffs is close to a city, a lot of times the city is lower elevation than the surrounding area and the change in elevation is usually very sudden and quick, which creates a cliff like you're looking for. In the seed "Roobie" there is a very long cliff along a road next to the main hub city, specifically at 444S 382E looking north. There are cliffs to the right (east) of the road which just lead to a short valley at the bottom and then larger cliffs on the other side of the valley or there are cliffs to the left (west) side of the road which would l
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