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  1. stranded deep port was done by funlabs a port company out of romania, originally commissioned by tell tale (much like tell tale iron galaxy collab for 7 days) two days or so before release on console tell tale went bust, it took next 8 months for teh auctions to be set, stranded deep got teh rights back, instead of just releasing teh game they sent it back to funlabs, renewed a new contract and asked them to port over all teh end game content that was missing, hence why actual console players saw the ending of the game before pc, (devs wanted to update pc ending only at full release on pc, but ended up adding teh missing content after backlash that console had it) 1/ yes its a more better prospect for teh publisher, but stranded deep while popular isnt a game changer like 7 days, but agreed beamteam games have done well out of teh situation, 2/ it does not matter that teh 7 days telltales game is considered a different entity by you, everyone else in the world when hearing you have the rights back, that your now in charge would expect you to be in charge of all console matters. THE OBJECTION HERE IS that console players have already shelled out 30 dollars for a game, they should not have to pay again for the same content as pc. no-one is disputing really that next gen wil be a better experience for console players with 7 days, what we are pissed at is we have to wait two more years potentially and then pay again! 3/ all optimisations are troublesome but thats what these professional port companies do, voxels games are taxing yes, but there are lots on console that do fine to average space engineers, pixark, portal knights, minecraft all work on consoles
  2. actually wildcard had to pay 40 million dollars settlement to trendy entertainment for lying about their creative director being behind ark, it resulted in teh first paid dlc for an early access game in dev, it also meant they ha dto cut huge deal with sony to get the game out quicker, AGAIN no one has any proof that funpimps have actually "brought" their rights, the wording by them has been its cost them money but according to sources the rights were never on sale, instead they mounted a case for rights to be reverted, open world voxel game do fine, pixark while has issues still has automation and 100 more creatures roaming around, just a many build locks as others etc portal knights, minecraft, and yes space engineers has issues on xbox but again the devs are working on them (its not even out on ps4) ark and conan are extremely taxing games all pen world games are weather they use unreal or unity, the point is that dedicated companies can get these game to perform adequately, and thats all anyone wants, console players will accept so many issues if it means they get teh same content as pc, you seem desperate to wave around that you play on great pc and are not actually talking about whats really important, do you think players should have to purchase a game twice? when pc players payed one lower price for teh game, do you think its ok to not list on console stores that the game is 3 years out of date and doesn't contain teh latest pc content? nope again wrong! stranded deep console ports were in fact completed they announced the release date then few weeks later telltale broke down, pretty much a few days before the game was due to release, teh port team who handled the port resumed dev, a year later adding end game content that the pc got up untill all the time the rights situation was resolved. so no the port was complete only extra content was added by same port team funlabs from romania
  3. your a mod acting like a totalitarian, you are not providing any proof yet claim to know it all? the only one arguing is you? people are just correcting your falsehoods, link us to where it was ever shown that 7 days assets were up for sale for 10 million? i have covered this for two years, i rang the insolvency company myself, i spoke to mike flutterby a respected games journalist in games business, who did a interview with the new tell tale game owners, and teh insolvency group too, they said they had never owned the rights since they picked up the telltale brand, no one had bought any rights, only rights liek stranded deep and the rest of telltales own ip were up, the rest went back to dc comics, walking dead etc, exactly like when joel stated they had cancelled their agreement with tell tale and they would get the rights reverted back to them right at the start of teh whole mess, that the rights simply reverted back to tfps, this was also confirmed by the insolvency agency who said that the auction did not even include the 7 days assets, shutting the whole console section down? wow what a threat nice one,, when 4 million players are still playing your game? we have brought plenty of new things to discuss, its you that has been arrogant, and gaslighted a convo with your lack of knowledge on game business, you have been corrected in your maths, you have failed to deliver a single piece of evidence to back up your claims and since your so desperate to shut us down the onus is on you to provide the links to show us we are wrong, otherwise be quite and let people have a place to talk about this stuff, or maybe i need to start running a proper campaign all over social media since apparently we are not allowed to talk on the forums, no one has insulted the funpimps, nor you, we are just trying to get some clear answers
  4. Developers set their price point for their games not platforms, i talk dailey to game devs i know for a fact that is true. 30 dollars is set or should be set by the publishers, the sites still list tell tale as publishers when we know its obvs now funpimps, you should know as well as i do that half teh people watching content on YouTube and twitch are console players of course they see a great pc game and then think amazing, its on console too! so they buy it and what do they find! that the game hasn't had an update in 3 years? that it doesn't have half the content that's elsewhere? at very least i think something should be added that the console versions contain content up to 2017 only. i get so many comments form fans wondering feeling tricked that there is no mention on teh xbox or psn store fronts that the game is not teh same as pc. I can agree that it may be better to indeed work towards a new version of the game on next gen, however my main point stands that console players shouldn't have to pay twice (more expensive versions too) just to receive the same game? at the very least if no future updates are forthcoming there should be some intent by funpimps to agree to free upgrades or heavy discount for all owners of 7 days now, as indicated by rick the console versions are still selling well, its misleading by proxy. Its clear that the funpimps are happy raking in sales from console on a game (they have made money off the last year no?) that is not advertised as it could or should be. and very clear funpimps are happy to fleece another console generation asking them to pay what? another 40 dollars by then, on the full version of the game they should have received. at very least funpimps should be doing their best to looking into smart delivery on xbox or as said hefty discount for all owners of current gen consoles versions, it borders on triple a douche that they simply are gonna make everyone pay again. We all know telltale screwed it all up, but end of day 7 days is now soley fun pimps responsibility, and any future sales i am sure will be harmed by not trying to do their best for console players, you spent a lot of money supposedly getting ya rights back, not to update the game with content as had been expected but to sit on and charge players again for old rope, its such a shame, as said there is potential to cut deals with new publishers, talk to microsoft or psn get the ball rolling now on ports to next gen so you could potentially go gold and sell full game (discounted or free for current gen owners) with crossplay as rick said, but at same time instead of waiting even longer. anyhoo thanks for replying, i appreciate you all care about 7 days, but honestly what the community needs is more understanding from devs themselves, i dont think one statement last year is good enough, especially after the stupid statement months back saying form joel on stream "to buy a pc if you want to play" after so many players were hoping for better news. stranded deep managed to get there game out, so there is indeed presidence on making things right despite all that has gone on. well yes console players do want teh same content when they have payed more? surprizing that? ark, conan, dayz, stranded deep, citadel, memories of mars, long dark and many many more manage to keep console versions updated, 7 days is not some master mind game that is so complex it cant happen? you can get ark ona switch for crying out loud lool but yeah a discount or free upgrade is a move i think console players could get behind
  5. 6 to 10 million? where are you pulling these wild figours from? the whole 7 days life cycle on pc has not burned through that much money ( if it has its been spending way to much) given teh lifetime sales of the game are 10 million across all platforms, i dont understand why you think psn and microsoft charge so much its free to submit bug fixes, free to get pegi ratings and more, lool no indie games ever would get ported over judging by that maths? ark survival evolved cost 1 million to start up and get them launched in early access on pc, again no-one is asking iron galaxy, they were or are a big studio making their own games so yes they are expensive, reportedly stranded deep ports made by fun labs out of romania was done for as little as £300.000 for xbox and psn, again no-one is after a update straight a way to alpha 19 nor even a16 but some sort of pass on fixes would be good, it is all about thinking ahead. Md5 bug is not microsofts issue since many other games dont have that problem, it falls on developers of said games to fix not platforms and or thus work with devs to resolve.
  6. bit of a pessimistic view from a moderator? where or why do you think it costs millions of dollars? i have worked in and around small devs and theior games for years and could rattle off a dozen that managed to forge partnerships or port the games themselves to console, it does not cost millions, did you even bother reading the petition or flippantly just dismiss because it had the word console? it is not just about updating the game as is now, its about conversing and coming up with different solutions and properly informing console community of plans? the only content spoken about has been 3 minutes total in middle of live streams promotion of alpha 19, no official posts on forums or twitter in 10 months, the 15-20k players on a daily basis deserve a bit better in terms of thoughts and ideas, a dedicated video, post or message, as suggested in the petition there are a number of avenues funpimps could take to generate revenue, but what must not be done is expect console players to have to buy a game twice over, as for updates i would expect either simple bugfix pass for the atrocious md5 bug still floating at the very least, again read the petition before snapping off pc master race reply, the potential for growth and revenue is there it just needs some dedicated thinking!
  7. i am a survival focused youtube channel that has covered the drama of tell tales demise and the long wait for funpimps to get console rights back, with recent comments again focusing on next gen i decided to come up with some other suggestions i think funpimps could pursue in getting console updates on current gen rather then next, i also think they need to adjust the psn and xbox microsoft descriptions as they do not reflect the actual game nor does the price of 7 days on console match up - we have over 1000 signatures already, i want to see funpimps actually engage in a full discussion instead of sound bites or two minutes during streams promoting alpha 19, i am not ragging on them but i do think the way they have handled console community has been poor, things need to change - sign here for starting a conversation about 7 days future on console http://chng.it/Sf5KgjdTws
  8. it is a great game and lots of console fans feel they got their value, but many feel different and upset that the best funpimps can do is say next gen, a different take would be console deserve just as much attention as pc, sign the petition 1000 players already have http://chng.it/Sf5KgjdTws lets get the funpimps talking to the community
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