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  1. I get a warning all time after start: WRN Unknown element found: DMT (file C:/Program Files (x86)/Steam/steamapps/common/7 Days To Die/7daystodie_Data/../Mods\Z2/ModInfo.xml, line 11) and that it spams this: (Filename: C:\buildslave\unity\build\Modules/Animation/Director/AnimatorControllerPlayable.cpp Line: 915) Invalid Layer Index '1' Any solution for this?
  2. Are the prefabs installed on the server and client? If not, this error can occur.
  3. Okay, but how did you generate your preview with your biomes? Generate and change biomes.png was not my question. :3 Thats what i also did and works ingame. But i want to show the complete map my other people from our little project.
  4. That means I have to draw the biomes in the mask.png? Or how are the biomes taken over? I have created a biomes.png, mask.png and import_hm.png. However, I do not know how the biomes in the generation of Nitrogen considered.
  5. I have the same question and can't find it out. So if someone shows us the right solution, I would be very grateful.
  6. How did you preview your map with the biomes?
  7. Markezzz


    Does the Discord still exist? The link doesn't work anymore.
  8. Okay found it. Can you also add water as a option for border biome?
  9. @Damocles: Can you say me, how big the radiated zone is on a 8K map? i want to create a notify for my players in a18, because the zone wont show as red like in a17.
  10. I loved the Horde Mode! And i miss it so much in the game. Last time i found Gnamod with a new Horde Mode and play it sometimes. But the old Horde Mode was great!
  11. Markezzz


    Seems that i missed to install the prefabs. Now it works fpr me too. Thanks for the Help and the next streem comes with our server.
  12. Markezzz


    This is my config: <!-- World --> <property name="GameWorld" value="Horde Mode Crater"/> <property name="WorldGenSeed" value=""/> <property name="WorldGenSize" value="8192"/> <property name="GameName" value="EventMap"/> <property name="GameMode" value="GameModeSurvival"/> But this loads a Map and the player falls directly through the map.
  13. Markezzz


    I wanted to start the mod on our event server, but the map wont load correctly like in singleplayer. Any special things for the serverconfig?
  14. Hey DorHans, i know the update is only 1 day old to a17, but did you have any plans for a update to your tool?
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