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  1. I have a GTX 970, which is struggling on medium right now. Anyone here have (or) something similar to the 1660ti ? Was thinking about picking it up so I can run high graphics. I'm not sure if I should spend more on something better, or if a 1660ti is enough for high settings 60hz.
  2. A very good idea. Would force me to stop spamming the same type of food
  3. No harm no foul. Hopefully you can still edit, I'm very curious how early game encumbrance was tweaked
  4. "We changed encumbrance so players start with a full extra in new games so your penalized so quickly when you inventory is fills up."
  5. In the base tour video Joel says if you punch them in the face with the spiked knuckles they cant bite (infect) you only swing at you
  6. Swords are something I have REALLY wanted. I still remember the first time I found the machete
  7. for some reason if you extract to desktop then drag and drop. windows puts the mod folder, in a folder, and it obviously wont work. extracting directly to 7 days to die directory like you suggested worked. (for anyone else having issues) Thanks for great UI mods Stedman
  8. A16 - MY favorite update to date. See you on the tube for A17 madmole! edit: unpopular opinion, I am for the mechanical keyboard
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