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  1. you need the Ravenhearst 6 prefab list and then you have to change or add the prefab.txt in the "Resources" folder, but first make a backup of the file. All without guarantee
  2. you can also use the settings of Ravenhearst / Darknessfalls / .... to create a map with their RWG data Gnamod for example has a beautiful surface with grass trees ...
  3. HUHU Yesterday we have this problem on our server, because someone can help us further as we can fix it
  4. Yes that was it..Thank you (English) Ja das war es ...Danke dir (Deutsch) হ্যাঁ এটা ছিল ... ধন্যবাদ (Bengalish) Ja det var det .... Tak (Dنnisch) Oui c'était ça .... Merci (France) Sي, eso fue todo ... Gracias (spanisch)
  5. Installations problem Hey Girls I have a problem with the mod Launcher i cant install it?
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