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  1. Okay I give up what's the secret item that the Claw hammer is telling me I'm 'missing' when trying to repair either the Workbench or the Forge? It shows the Repair kit icon but even with 9 repair kits it's still not working??
  2. Khaine the Boulders are spawning Underground in the wasteland...it's really freaky, they make huge stable cavern pockets that you can find Uranium, Plutonium, and Titanium in the walls. I saw this weirdness when I slid into a 'half-block' while mining looking for more ore. My reaction was...What...the HELL...is THAT? Had to stare at it trying to figure out what it was..half the rocks vanish when you smash a rock near it..half become 'untouchable' you can walk on them, they block movement but have zero ability to mine them. Bizarre. I was silly enough to play the 12k map, I've found 6 or 7 d
  3. Good Seed name I know there is a seed similar to this one but this one has some very interesting locations and seems to be a solid seed. without any known 'defects' in the land creation. haven't explored all of it but have explored enough and viewed in the distance much of it from mountain tops. "Wolfspine" is the name of the seed.(without the quotes of course) multiple traders.
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