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  1. Steam name:Lo-X https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198057460174/ Hours played:3700 Started on Alpha: A12 Discord name:Lo-X#5060 Native language: french I have been running a community server for 4 years
  2. I am disgusted with what I see and the turn it has taken. Your accusations are false. On the site it is written that it is made from Coppi mod. The performances are the same with or without CPM, ie bad. Do you really think he has bad intentions when hiding his code? Seriously, I have been defending TFP from the start but it is getting more and more difficult. You say : "It's not an encouraging behavior for a modding * community *" This modder works FREE for a whole community of admins for whom the management of a server is highly improved because the game does not have these functionalities. The ass moove is not where you think it is.
  3. Nice. Thank you very much
  4. Hello. Is it possible to remove block damage from the Juggernaut with its rocket launcher ? Do you have a Discord server for your mods ?
  5. I see in recipe from the DropBox link that there is still the ductape as the sixth ingredient of the jetpack. Thank you again for your work. I like the Sled and Polearm, is't pretty fun
  6. Oh thank you. Indeed I have the version you are talking about. I have DL on the 7daystosiemods site. Very nice I see that also here is the version with the ductape. Where are the latest versions? I corrected on my side
  7. Hello. The jetpack cannot be craft. Is there something I missed? The others it's good
  8. While chatting with a player, he reminded me that there is one mod he would absolutely like to have, a lawn mower mod. He's been asking me for years. So if you don't know what to do (I don't think it is) it would be great if you did.
  9. Yes really. It is exellent. And realistic. It's freaking cool to be able to modded server side only. The Workshop is not ready to arrive yet
  10. One thing that will be great too is a helicopter. I really liked that of Manux. Simple to pilot and at the same time "realistic" in piloting. I know that the challenge is to model one with the elements of the game but I see that you have a certain artistic flair: D
  11. Nice. I will follow that. I noticed a keyboard error in the ModInfo of the CustomVehicles. It says "CustonVehicles". I do not know if it is wanted and if it influences the loading of the mod.
  12. Okay. Thanks for sharing the mod. You did an incredible job
  13. Hello. Thank you for your support. It's working for me without re-downloading the mod. I do not understand. What was the error please? With the same xml files on server it works while in solo it does not work. I'would like to understand I'm going crazy
  14. Hello. Unable to configure the CrossbowMag to make it craftable by tier. For other weapons it's good. I do not understand. Putting a perk other than perkArchery in the files works. It's just perkArchery who doesn't want to. In progression.xml : In items.xml line 1577 in CrossbowMag : In recipes.xml : Could you help me please ? I found for the trimming of the damages.
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