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  1. - Removed working vending machines from the world (still exist at traders). Seems the vendings in the red fire station seem to have slipped by, or intentionally left https://imgur.com/TkfCLX2 https://imgur.com/GC9zoC0
  2. Hi i've been having issues with textures, there are textures appearing where they should not, on the bellow screenshot you can see i'm in the middle of a "Non-existing block", and these keep on popping up everywhere, i've played DF before but this just recently started happening, i've tried pre-made DF maps, RWG, different settings, texture streaming on/off, at this point i'm out of ideas., and this only happens on DF, never had this issue with other mods or vanilla
  3. Hey love the UI, been using since A16, however after the last update of SMXui, it seems to disable the effect of glasses/cigar, the XP bonus works, however the bonus Intellect, Strength are not applied. Cheers, keep up the great work.
  4. Anacondas ?!? Seriously freaking anacondas, scared the living hell out of me ... Oh, my god i love it P.S. Please buff the gas can schematic drop day 38 and the search continues. P.P.S. Found 2 days later, only 40 days
  5. So you are trying to tell us you can land consistent headshots with a bow/crossbow weapon as much as any other weapon in the game at zombies running at full speed at you.
  6. Sweet, finally it's working properly for me, couldn't update/install most mods after previous update, no more manual downloads ^^
  7. You can get engine parts from harvesting cars with a crowbar, found mostly in working stiff toolbox, very low drop chance.
  8. Vanilla is also a schematic, does the same - it allows you to repair and assemble them , i agree with removing making guns, cuz before you just scrapped the hundreds of ♥♥♥♥ty pistols you got and you could make a 600 M25 or LSAT. Plus ones you start getting ferals in POIs you'll get more guns than you can handle - - - Updated - - - @Kirrinas Might be just me, but can't read what error you are getting, too small picture.
  9. New abundant POI (house) after 3.1.4 So after 3.1.4 came out i decided to start a new game, and in every town i went i saw alot of these small houses, https://imgur.com/ogUQb8U never saw them before the update and i had 2 towns with combined over 150 houses. They didn't seem to have alot of loot inside them so i was getting a bit annoyed that there seem to be so many of them, just in this small town there are 18 https://imgur.com/PWwCvAT (small houses with green around them). But then i was thinking that these aren't vanilla houses, they can't be that bad, they should have something hidden and behind the first block (wood plate) i destroy i find this https://imgur.com/IsBXFms (they're not empty i just looted it lol). So if anyone was getting as frustrated as me for having alot of them, have fun going back to each one
  10. Wood Spikes are pretty much worthless, you can upgrade them with iron -> forged iron -> forged steel.
  11. So this is not something major but i think it kind of goes against the idea of the mod. I feel like the Steel Hoe is a bit OP. Basically you can one shot gravel, dust and clay, not sure at what quality but i think anywhere after 100-150, now you get less resources than doing it with a shovel, but if you wanna dig up dirt for your base building it's probably as fast as doing it with an auger (if not faster) because of it's attack speed. It also does also as much damage to trees as a Steel Fireaxe @300 quality - Steel Fireaxe does 90-95 damage Steel Hoe does around 75 damage P.S. It's also kind of annoying when you oneshot ground at your farm with it
  12. For loot there used to be these Halipads in 2.2, just loved them, however i can't seem to find them now, not sure if Jax removed them, since i remember they only worked in SP.
  13. Does anyone know if the halipad was removed in 3.0/3.1. Can't seem to find it in the menu anymore and no info in update notes about it. Thanks in advance.
  14. I love Ravenhearst and especially the 21d horde mode. But there is one thing i gotta know about this mod ... Who was the evil genius, who wanted to see the world burn, who wanted to see us all suffer, knowing we would see all these new POIs with loads of bookcase walls inside them ... Only to realize they were mostly painted blocks https://imgur.com/kj04BSN https://imgur.com/kj04BSN Seriously this has to be the best troll ever
  15. You need 250 Knowledge points and a Research Desk, you get the points from scrapping magazines and schematics (3 per magazine/schematic).
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