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  1. Read the hardback books, you will get a better sense of the layout of woodbury, and realize it's a lot larger than it seems. May want to do it in pieces. Town center, racetrack, etc...
  2. I have hornets on the roof of my strip mall. I can't even remember if that one's in your pack, but I think it is. - - - Updated - - - Lol! I guess I shoulda read the rest of the thread before responding. ...I really meant to put them IN the ceiling, since there is some empty space between the roof and the drop ceiling, but never got around to it. As a rule I don't like hornets, but they kind of fit inside walls and ceilings.
  3. ooooooh... "anglepoint" is "anchor point". ...now I understand. Love ya mags! I get joy from both your work and your posts.
  4. No, it's correct, because, and I quote "you will just see crazy things when the new mixer hits the world - like cut off mountains or straight drops or roads that end instantly". ...all kidding aside, it's a preference thing, no worries... I'm also huge into "start from scratch" so people aren't chasing down issues that are solely related to not having done so.
  5. On a REALLY serious note, no one should be trying to mix old saves with new packs, or new updates, and to try to use an old save with a new pack and new update? Insanity.
  6. I'm holding off for a bit until it all gets sorted; mag, you need any help buddy?
  7. This particular mod affects what's generated in the world, so your friend can join w/o having to install anything.
  8. Can also put %appdata% in the run menu (window key-r).
  9. He's in the game credits.... (Although alot of useless people are...)
  10. Slacker. I want minute to minute updates sent to me via esp.
  11. That's why I was hesitant to say anything, until I saw the other guy say something. FYI, the only prefabs removed were the skyscraper and MAYBE 2 others.
  12. Yep, had a bunch of empty plots as well, but I had removed some prefabs so wasn't sure if it was just me.
  13. Always editable via recipes. I like it.
  14. Me too. Spoilage would be awesome. And temperature effects. And encumbrance (to a point, not like H1Z1, but if I'm loaded down with rocks don't let me swim). And diseases that make sense.
  15. Fight the Power! (yeh, was always weird that some items had power, but I figured they were placeholders, I suspect refers will be turned off when electricity comes)
  16. Well, I think we would disagree that it's a localized event, first. The story goes that Nav is the "last eden", which to me implies the least nuked. Additionally, power lines would have been knocked down, as well. Also (and I had to cheat) there are 3 types of EMP effects, only one of which requires ionization of the upper atmosphere. But bottom line, from a /game/ perspective, it's best to go ahead and turn out all the lights before the introduction of generators and whatnot. Just my opinion.
  17. No, I've already made some changes and restarted, but it was the big empty building with columns on front, with a desk next to a desk safe in about 10 places. - - - Updated - - - Gas literally has to evaporate and gum up the carb/injectors in order to "go bad". I'm sure there is an eventual "shelf life" and it certainly deteriorates in effectiveness over time (I bet your MPGs went down using that older gas) but in a sealed system, it'll last a good while.
  18. Must be bad luck, one of my cities has like 80% of the same building in it. I'ma keep looking around though.
  19. ...and nukes would have emp'd any existing power plants. And electricity is coming in what, A14? So... that.
  20. No lights, electricity is coming in a14 might as well turn off prefab lights now.
  21. Yeh, it's pretty cool that my wipes are contingent on this release, not the pimps release.
  22. I kinda agree... you'll be chasing prefab blocks for another 2 years at this rate. Maybe just email the author of the prefab about their issue, and if THEY don't fix it, remove it from the pack. That way, you'll not only have a good pack, but you'll have a good pack with author interaction. Of course, then they have to be on board with your balance criteria, so either way, you have a lot of work to do.
  23. I doubt that they care, this early on, that prefab blocks are affected. As long as their prefabs work, they won't support "mods" just yet. Just my opinion.
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