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  1. On 4/7/2021 at 5:33 PM, faatal said:

    Added Feral Sense option (None, Day, Night, All).

    I'm still tweaking it, but I expect to be playing with it set to Night and actually being afraid of the dark.

    Would none remove it from horde nights?

  2. Oh that xpath error looks promising.  If the loot part didn't apply that's gonna cause issues.  My guess is since I made the mod and now, TFP changed the name of drugHerbalAntibioticsSchematic or schematicsModsRare.  That entry in loot.xml would need to be updated to whatever TFP is calling them now.



  3. 6 hours ago, Aero said:

    Why is it with each update, we take a few steps forward, but for some reason we also always have to take some steps back gameplay wise... guess now upgrading of blocks has to take a few steps back...


    I really don't understand why time has to spend on changing things for something that works, instead of using that time for adding new things or improving existing stuff.


    5 hours ago, pregnable said:

    I am kinda curious about how the drone is going to work myself.  I go through lots of small spaces, and wonder if it is going to be coded to follow me properly, heh. 


    I have a robot dog mod that follows me; basically it goes where it can, and when it can't, it acts like a zombie that can't path to you.  But it walks.


    With a flying drone, I imagine it'll just fly as close as it CAN get, or you'll need to tell it to "stay".

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  4. 4 hours ago, Urban Blackbear said:

    Random late night thought: Would is be possible to add a feature to the paintbrush that allows us to paint all six sides of a cube at once, sort of like the splash feature but for a single block?

    Yeh, choose the paint all sides brush.

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  5. Who's being toxic?  Example?


    ...my guess is you're just not familiar with the historical context of some of these discussions, which have been going on between some of us, for... Crap, years.


    Roland, you're one of my oldest friends.  Congrats. 😉

  6. Apologies in advance for not quoting sections, the new forum editor software is abysmal for phones...


    That's kind of my point, the skill and perk system ruined the open play 7days had. Sandbox is being able to do what you want.  Again, I suppose you could technically not get any skills in 7 days but as I said before you could still technically turn off your monitor; it doesn't make it right.


    Valheim's skill system was used to enhance the player, not confine him to it. I died so much in Valheim that I never lost skill points because I was always so low... Valheim made it about the gear, and did it in such a way as to encourage playing the game, not playing the skill tree.  But, it also allowed the min maxers to have their fun.  Macro the punch to a tree you can't damage then walk away, come back and you're maxed out in punching.  To each their own, but ultimately it wasn't *necessary* to have the highest skill level, because the game was about the gear not the player. 


    I want encouragement to do new things, not be forced into them to "get to the next level" to *allow* me to do new things. 


    If I die a lot (and I do) in 7 days, I'm stuck repeating myself.  When I died a lot in Valheim, I was still able to make progress in the game. 


    Make sense?

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  7. Well that's the least of the XMLs to edit; you'll also want to edit the groups so that certain zombies only appear in certain biomes, then do the same for loot.  And sleepers.  


    If you did not consider Valheim a tower defense game that I think you did it wrong. Especially for boss fights, I found building preparation very important. For the weird wandering hoard things, defenses were also important.  Way more so than in 7 days, when you can just clear a poi, make a few adjustments and be okay.  Sure, valheim has its cheese (moats), but that's every game.  Building in 7 days isn't even necessary.  Hell a few players lay down some barb wire for horde nights and just jump back and forth over it killing.  


    If you want specific comparisons, then let's talk about the hand holding that the skill tree does.  7days guides you throughout.  In order to get this, you must do that first.  In order to do that, you must do these.  Specifically, the skill/perk system.


    Sure, you *could* ignore that entirely and play without leveling up the very specific paths, but then again you could turn your monitor off and play.


    "Back in the good old days" when you learned skills from books and increased skill by doing, you weren't tied to a literal skill tree.  It encouraged exploration and planning.  


    Right now you don't *ever* have to leave a decent sized town.  Ever. 


    You touched on it with your explanation of valheim... One you have your character you could replay the game with that character, and I bet you'd still have fun.  There would still be a challenge.  A two star firling will still mess your day up. 


    Do that in 7 days and it'll be a yawn fest. 

    As an aside, it's very clear from the changes over the last few alphas that the direction tfp is going is thankfully biome based challenges. They've been establishing the foundation for that system for a while, and it shows.


    Right now you can add lesser rad zones and give better loot in those zones with some small modding changes.  Seems to me that's their eventual path. 

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  8. Wow so okay this is an old ass tutorial for back when TFP used a different method.


    My current work flow is to work directly with the .raw file in Photoshop CS6, which reads it just fine.  NitroGen has a nice .raw to .png converter for when you want to use NitroGen on your height map...


    Once TFP settles on a method, I'll do another tutorial, but in the meantime, I recommend finding CptKrunch's discord link on here, as he has a discord dedicated specifically to map creation.


    @Cpt Krunch 's discord is https://discord.gg/YrC7bAzh9J

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