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  1. When is this going to get fixed how should I fix this the game is literally unplayable on random gen worlds. It is so massive you can see on the map and often between two biome types is where I find it. What is the solution so I can enjoy this game...
  2. how does one fix i've never seen it before? I cannot get rid of it. is this something that is on b143 specifically? - - - Updated - - - my RWG is pretty much unplayable bc of it it literally covers entire swaths of the maps on RWG not matter what seed
  3. it seems to be prominent on A18 b143 I don't have A18 b139 - - - Updated - - - it seems to be prominent on A18 b143 I don't have A18 b139
  4. I have rivets the size of grand canyon on my RWG games I can't get rid of them even removing the generated worlds from %appdate% including voluya, zuhehi and random gen worlds forcing the game to recreate them. I have provided images and heard this bug was seen in alpha 16. This is the first and i'm not happy RWG is unplayable because I can't walk over most of the terrain even around traders. Crazy part is it seems to only show up as I approach the terrain from a distance it looks like a normal landscape until you are close to it then it does that and you get stuck in them if you fall into them. I would like to know what to do and if there will be something to address this... - - - Updated - - - this is in alpha18 experimental too...
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