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  1. my personal comment and perhaps suggestion for the food recipe balances: 1. all foods with "Bad food" status ? this is basically eating poison, as it reduce quite a lot of wellness, i forgot how many it is, but it's around 3-5 wellness per food if i'm not mistaken. eating two or three of it are basically the same like killing yourself, as it reduce almost the same amount of wellness. either the buff need some tweak, (maybe not reduce wellness at all, but perhaps increase addiction /reduce stamina per-second /prone to catch flu /reduce movement speed by 10%) or the bad food recipe should be removed entirely, since there's really no point in making it, especially the troublesome effort required to make em. might as well just eat a zombie's meat. 2. end-game recipe food such as pizza / goulash / apple pie, mixed salad etc might need more extra bonus, maybe movement speed bonus or stamina regen bonus? considering the effort and resources needed to make em. (why i consider it end-game recipes is because we will need a farm established and founded all the rare seeds required for these foods). as of now, the bonus is only "good food" buff, which we can also get from making all type of fruits cake, which is much more easier to make and much more resource efficient instead of those end-game recipes. (can simply pluck all the resources needed which naturally spawn in the world, basically just fruits, wheat, sugar and water), therefore almost no point in making the end-game recipe as well, (of course other than if we just wanna messing around in the kitchen). Easier to just make the fruit cakes. 3. meat stew is still OP. still render all the starvations recipes pale in comparison. still the most ultimate food of all the available foods. *cough..wellness.. *cough .... 4. can make the working fridge be upgradable into a lockable container ? have a case that all my 12 meat stew got stolen from my fridge, well my fridge half-exposed in the open for my farmer npc later. 5. Starvation ration canned food now increase 0.2 wellness, ummm... still pointless to make i think. might easier to make beef jerky instead for long journey, which gave 0.1 wellness per-unit, never see it getting spoiled, and we get 7 beef jerkies per 2 raw meat. and considering in the planned A17 update, later the wellness system is gonna be removed, we can conclude that we can forget whatever i said above and just go back to sleep. thanks for reading btw xd
  2. 2. i've got mine from cabinet and traders 3. i've got mine from airdrop
  3. good thing actually, make a surface base for a change. underground base is too mainstream, hahah
  4. regarding the mini nukes, i think this is for pvp rather than destroying blocks. the devastating effect of the nukes as far as i remember is, it makes the area around the point of explosion became radiated area. if you blew one up inside someone else base, they practically cannot live there anymore, as the radiation block even goes underground, someone else says the radiation goes approximately 30 blocks deep from the surface. i haven't checked this myself tho, just reading from someone else chat in which they grumbling on how they really fxxxed up in testing that mini nukes inside THEIR own base. and now they have to dig all those radiated block with their auger. lol.
  5. can only answer this one xD you need to convert Haybales into animal feed.
  6. you can craft one if your blunt skill already reach level 80 or something if i'm not mistaken
  7. anything that's help in preventing insta-killing us would still be a good deal to me xD
  8. lol yea pretty unfair on that i think. especially anyone with PSG1 should have low accuracy shot if we're constantly moving. PSG1 have a bonus 9x damage to the head if i'm not mistaken. and if difficulties level is above 3, they have god-like aim as well if i'm not mistaken.
  9. mine is 8gb, but can still run fine, just don't use all max setting on the graphic option
  10. i believe its your original 7dtd game folder that have issues, maybe there's other mod in that folder before. try to delete /reinstall the 7dtd original game?
  11. "severe snake bite" buff don't have cooldown? will affect forever until we got an antivenom or die ?
  12. funny about this twine rarity things, as for me myself, i got pretty abundant of it. i guess perhaps for those that have a hard time finding twine, perhaps they're rarely / skip looting ordinary houses and just focus on special poi such as bookstore, gunstore or big building poi. as far as i remember, in cardboard box loot that usually available in normal houses, 60-70% of the time i always found twine in it.
  13. well maybe each person just have their own taste preferences, i've played valmod and reached end game, but not really feels that's strong attachment. maybe each mod has their strong point in some categories. for example, from my own personal opinion, in term of difficulties : 1. True Survival 2. Starvation 3. Ravenhearst in term of 'vast options of things to do' and end game activities : 1. Starvation 2. Ravenhearst 3. True survival in term of zombie's spawn and vast options of crafting items : 1. Ravenhearst 2. Starvation 3. True survival so yeah, i think there's no mod that is "best at everything", each mod have their own best "strength" at some categories.
  14. check the food status, how many welness it gave? in this mod, the wellness gain is reduced significantly to gave more progress. so for example, by my memory, meat stew gave 0.4 wellness, means you need 3 meat stew to raise your wellness by 1. - - - Updated - - - hi, from what i know, the lag is caused by the zombie's texture, try to reduce your display setting of UMA texture to the lowest. usually it helps.
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