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  1. I loved this POI, had a great time exploring it and it just kept going on and on. Was Awesome!!!!!
  2. Thanks, there are 3 of them I will try to kill them before I try a brand new start.
  3. ROFL! I really want to shot them with an arrow but haven't been reckless enough to try yet.
  4. What are these? I found these things at a camp and am curious what they might be: They look like huge green boars but not sure?
  5. Thanks MM, That looks cool!! One question, I saw the bladed weapon perk (Deep Cuts) also mentioned piercing weapons. I hope that means that the perk also affects arrows and their damage? (Time stamp ~7:50 of the video)
  6. Thanks Roland! For your reply about the Shotgun Blueprint.
  7. I have a question and I apologize now if it was already answered. With 30 plus pages of the forum just in the last 20+ hours I tend to skip over a lot of posts. During the MM video, he had I think a Shotgun Blueprint. MM just kept it in his bag. If we are not assembling Guns from parts any more what is the current purpose of those blueprints?
  8. Thanks MM, Really enjoyed the Video That was a lot of fun watching and I saw many things that I enjoyed and can't wait to play. Love the recoverable arrows, can't wait to check out those new POI's. They looked amazing. I hope in later video's we can see any changes / improvements to crafting. I would like to see the loot all/collect all for crating stations and scooter bike that was mentioned earlier. Looking forward to more videos and of course Experimental when it comes. :smile-new:
  9. That is too Funny!!! Thanks for the chuckle.
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