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  1. I am really enjoying A18, I had completely forgotten about the random stats. (note to self look at the stats of my gear when I play tonight.) I haven't noticed any bugs yet that pulled me out of the game yet. I did notice if you put down a junk turrent to protect your base and keep exploring it will disappear after a while. I am playing pretty much the same way I did A17 so far with regarding the various attributes ( spreading out my points over several attributes.) @Quantum Blue Very nice FAQ post!!!
  2. MM has said they added a bunch of Remnants which are very small poi's not really like the dungeon crawls in many of the normal poi's. He said they are great for your first couple of days in game a bit of loot with a posibility of a place you can fortify for the first couple of nights
  3. Thanks for the Video MM!! I can't wait to start playing A18
  4. This sounds amazing. In A16 I built several underground bunkers that had several bedrooms, kitchen, multiple bathrooms, Living room with a storage vault. I have missed a bunch of the furniture we could build just for astetics. I have been sticking with stilt towers with multiple levels and a rooftop garden so far in A17. I enjoy the building aspects of the game the most and love to decorate my base as a luxury home not just a base to hide in.
  5. Everything about A18 sounds amazing. I am hoping that you will have a way of either selling or scrapping extra dyes. Right now I have almost a full storage crate of left over dyes in my base in A17.4.
  6. Thanks A lot everyone!!! I will defintely give it another couple of tries and use these methods. I enjoyed the view I was seeing.
  7. I just built the Gyrocopter. I checked the options menu, controls menu looking for a explaintion of the keys/buttons to control the Gyrocopter and I didn't find any buttons for going up or down. I gave it a try and I seem to think the "C" and "Z" buttons have something to do with that. So my question is how do you fly the Gyrocopter?
  8. I loved this POI, had a great time exploring it and it just kept going on and on. Was Awesome!!!!!
  9. Thanks, there are 3 of them I will try to kill them before I try a brand new start.
  10. ROFL! I really want to shot them with an arrow but haven't been reckless enough to try yet.
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