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  1. FYI... work around does not always work... Cheers to you bro, your work around was better than anything the actually developers getting paid to fix the problem came up with... but I just got burned/wiped again on day 30/31. I had been burned by MD5 in a save file that I had dumped 60+hours into so I stopped playing. After hearing about this work around I thought I’d try again... game crashed several times in the 31 (in game) days I had played. Every time I immediately exited, deleted the local save data, and waited to resync upon relaunching the game and was excited to find that I wasn’t wiped/reset upon resyncing with the cloud.... but the last crash was one of those crashes where the menus go partially invisible for a few seconds then the crash happens... on that crash even after using the immediate local save file deletion method... I resync’d with the cloud and my entire base, 7 loaded chests, forge full of steel stone and clay and A tool & die set, calipers and (can’t think of the third piece but I had all three and they can all be hard/rare to find) had just found enough mechanical parts to make a work bench and had a full set of steel tools just made.... anyway... if you play and love this game you get where I’m going with this... it’s that moment just before the day 35 horde where you elevate to that next level of tools and building materials to really get a sick horde pit/base rolling and it was all gone... just like that... I agree with the other community member. Stop focusing on all this new content that doesn’t mean anything to anyone if the game wipes you out everytime you put 30+ hours of gameplay into it... I just can’t wrap my mind around why a set of even half way talented developers can’t troubleshoot such a major flaw in the way the core of this game operates.. its perfect in so many intangible ways... such a beautiful combination of game elements that you usually have to find in differential games all rolled into one... making it wonderfully addicting... hence why I gave it another shot. Sooner than later someone else is going to take this concept and a major game developer is going to do it right and everyone will forget that this is where it started... it’s a real shame.
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