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  1. No I didn't forget to mention the price, its not an ad or affiliate link,. I couldn't give a monkey's use it or dont I have ran and paid for my own servers for 4 years. Its just an option that's helped many of my players with low specs. kind regards, Ari

    1. Aribo


      Hi Liesel, things got a bit heated there, I know you have your own input as do I but if you genuinely aint a troll. lets not argue thanks. 


      YOUR WORDS: There is a lot of imagination out there. ((I've already proven MANY people wrong that claimed to definitely see 144fps over 60fps.))

      MINE: am not here to prove people wrong just assist where possible ~

      YOURS: But when testing them, without knowing them what display and framerate it is (in a game) they couldn't tell anything.

      Edited Tuesday at 11:01 PM by Liesel Weppen 

      MINE: and you already suggested GFN earlier in this thread, thanks dude, I know what I know through 9k not play time but testing and supporting the pimps as well as admin of servers. Lifes way too short to be getting frustrated like this. I mean you well. HONESTLY. kind regards Ari

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