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  1. but I do not talk about everything, only a 20 to 30% remover
  2. in the mod ravenheart a good part of the grass, I calculate 50% They gained performance in fps and also helps you see the loot of the backpacks
  3. Morte please answer - - - Updated - - -
  4. remove the grass you can not see the backpacks and lower the fps. There is a mod that was removed a part.
  5. a question from noobs. but how do I pick up the blade trap? already try with the wire tool and nothing key E and nothing
  6. you have to craft a mortar
  7. Do a good job and we like the mod you did together with the other programmers!
  8. you can not open the blacksmith!! ignore this message. I did not read the news... Sorry
  9. you have to scrap the wood
  10. that object is sold by the trader
  11. forget it :v I had to do scrap
  12. JaxTeller718 I think you eliminated the crafting "stick"
  13. a question. What skill do I have to enable to build tarp? qI want to build rain catcher. asks me for 2 tarp... I look in the crafting table but nothing appears, or what object I have to build. and you can not at the advanced workbench
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