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  1. I ended up having to use DM and CM commands to effectively recreate my character. Lesson learned, will be backing up .ttp files from now on haha. Truth be told this whole ordeal happened from me wanting to reintroduce the Blood Draw Kit item that was previously removed.... *smh* I just wanted something functional so I started with another Broken Glass recipe that damaged the player and yielded a blood bag, able to be crafted with polymers and grain alcohol. But then decided to start playing around with the mesh file, and the icon, and changing the debuff to another, and so on... Amateur Hour a
  2. Fair enough. Had no clue whatsoever that the instructional thread you posted even existed. Will try to get logs uploaded tomorrow morning. Thank you for the advice.
  3. ~Update~ Located my player profile (i.e. Steam ID) matching the corresponding .TTP file in AppData\Roaming\7DaysToDie\Saves\PREGEN03\Pre Gen 03\Player. There is only two files, one for me and one for my friend... if what I have been reading is correct then this is where my other character profile should be that has all of my XP and Items... And it is not here. Help?
  4. Hi all- I was tinkering around with an XML file and it caused some parsing errors (am a bit new to XML editing....). When my main file/game loaded up it was a new character out in the middle of the wilderness. Map is still filled in from what I had previously uncovered. Decided it was best to Verify my File Integrity via steam hoping it would resolve the issue. Did not. What do I need to do to log back in to my character / profile that has all my stats and items? Thanks! Edit: I have my Players.xml file in my AppData folder... It has only been myself and one
  5. I see.... Thank you for the heads up! Any idea what would be the most efficient way to have a test world then? Something where you can access the Selection (Z) command and the Fill/Delete (L/J) command while still having working zombie AI?
  6. Hello- Trying to remember how to use the editing tool to level out large sections of land instantly. I unlock DM mode via command, and press Z. I can still highlight large sections of land but when I try to fill using "L" with the desired block in hand, nothing happens.... Suggestions? This is also a freshly created world for testing and dummy purposes. If I'm being honest I'm just trying to get a large chunk of flat land as quickly and easily as possible. Also on a side curiosity, is there a way to edit out the "Level Start Point" boxes created with the F6 Menu?
  7. Greetings. Hopefully this is the most appropriate place to drop this question.... What I would like to have happen (as the title implies) is to receive multiple different items back from a recipe. Using the example script below, I would like the game's output for this recipe to be "foodCornBread" as well as "drinkJarEmpty", so that I am effectively using the jar of water and getting the empty jar back. <recipe name="foodCornBread" count="1" craft_area="campfire" craft_tool="toolCookingPot" tags="perkMasterChef,learnable"> <ingredient name="foodCornMeal" count="1"/
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