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  1. Thanks for sharing this Rick and taking the high road from what I can see. I’m glad I switched to PC, but would not have discovered this game were it not for the console version. I can’t imagine how bummed folks are with this short term bleak conclusion for the port. I hope the gaming community can move past it, 7D2D has a fantastic gold release, and one day I’ll be playing this split screen on whatever console with my wife again!
  2. Did they change it since A17? Found one yesterday and snuck into the loot room, still in the same place! Can’t wait to do the skyscraper, wonder if that has gotten any dungeon touch ups
  3. Can you spot all the ores in this image? I'm gonna need a better auger...
  4. Playing on Nomad, totally different experience at night. First night in burnt biome, feral spider chased me around a poi. Did a buried supply quest at night and was attacked by four zeds, had to lure them away and hide. Another night came back from a poi to a pack of 4 dogs waiting for me at my little camp, had to lure them back to the poi and pick em off from safety. Have you thrown up yet? That can make a night run home much more dangerous
  5. Gluconeogenesis is higher while fasting (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gluconeogenesis) I've become a huge advocate for fasting. Like getting back into cardio shape- it sucks at first, but once you get used to the feeling and your body realizes it has other energy pathways to crank up, it feels very cleansing. A few weeks ago I got a hard workout in and skipped dinner. Sucked going to sleep but when I woke up, I wasn't hungry for breakfast.
  6. LOL! God I love this community. Edit: i’m late to the party.
  7. Awesome! Hopefully my low end machine/potato can keep the FPS decent this alpha. Otherwise they'll be teleportation zombies. Either way, game on!
  8. I thought days alive is already part of the gamestage calculation? That, kills, and difficulty? But to try and answer your question, builder focused playstyles would be at a disadvantage. The world around you grows more dangerous while you're mostly keeping to yourself and have day length set to minimum. Doesn't seem like a fair metric alone for scaling difficulty. I dunno I'm pretty ignorant on this topic so I'll return to lurking n' learnin
  9. But...don't you want to be like an Elder Scrolls game? Oblivion had the best character color options! /s
  10. In the second dev stream they mentioned getting a max of two junk turrets after perks. From Kumquat's stream you can see he reloads a quality level 3 junk turret with 41 rounds (not sure what these are made of yet): I don't think we've seen the latest iteration of the Junk Turret perk tree, when Joel showed it back in June we only saw placeholder perks (craft better quality, +25% damage, +50% fire rate, etc.) Maybe Roland has insights on the junk turret he can share from his intellect build?
  11. Check joel’s video talking about the int tree if you haven’t already: Crafted quality was said to be middle stats always, keep in mind weapon crafting is governed by its attribute, not always int. Not sure what tier you get from a weapon schematic. If you love base building and making traps, vehicles and mods then int seems most efficient long term. If ur really lucky, you could find trap/vehicle/mod schematics early, Joel was not lucky after 80+ days and needed to learn some base defense schematics. Edit: forgot to mention traps give xp now, huge benefit for passive bases since xp is the biggest tangible benefit to horde night afaik. So investing in traps early is much more worth it in the long run
  12. Sergeant Arnold: “ Madmole! The courtyard is overrun, get to the choppa!” Private MM: “yeah...about that” Lol thanks for sharing the triumph and tragedy! Made my night
  13. Lol I love how a moment ago someone was asking for zombie lore to understand their incentives and you come back a moment later with acid mudcrab cop loogie. Pretty much the opposite direction, build the fun and we’ll follow. I still don’t really know what Borderlands 1 or 2 were about, just loved the gameplay of point, shoot n’ loot.
  14. Nice! Did I miss this in A17 or is it new? Huge endgame feature for me; can switch to an experimental play style at a high level. Great for builds that are expensive to be viable (requires 1 or more book set perks for example)
  15. Yes, unholyjoe is one of the testers. I don’t remember when it was explicitly stated, but the heavy armor perk helps with stamina/movement penalty. Light Armor perk does for sure as MM showed in the A18 perk overhaul vid.
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