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  1. I'm not sure what access you have with G-portal but with other providers you get FTP access, you will have to use a FTP client (e.g FileZilla) and upload the files to their respective directories. HDHQ.unity3d -> /Data/Bundles The config .xml files -> /Data/Config Edit serverconfig.xml in the root folder and change EAC to false. Restart the server and it should work.
  2. I am, I have also added this to my dedicated server. The first login with max settings on 3840x2160 and it looks like a whole new game. Fantastic mod. - - - Updated - - - Thanks @TopAce6 This had some errors, I edited loot.xml and removed the custom weapons and it worked fine. Thanks.
  3. Mods looks great in 4k. The added gun skins, is this correct? The bullet that gets loaded is also red, is that correct?
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