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  1. Loving the mod so far, i can't think of a playthrough without this mod rn. But i think, with the recent upgrade there is a bug with the sorcery talent. The sorcery talent doesn't provide extra spirit anymore even though it says it does. I remember it granting me additional stamina when casting a spell but now it is not working. I'm currently using this mod with darkness falls maybe some things are conflicting, i dont know.
  2. thanks for the poll, hopefully we get a little bit of a damage boost for spells, especially lightning ones.
  3. After the update, spells seem to have much less damage than they did and the newly introduced lightning spells are doing so little damage that it is not even worth wasting your points on them. I have to use 5 fully charged first tier lightning spells on a regular zombie to take it down and that is when i had invested 3 points in the lightning spell talent. It doesn't matter if you are facing up against 5 zombies it is still not worth the effort. Fire spells aren't also that fine as well, i mean you can't neccessarily feel like a archwizard when you need to drop at least two or three huge ass m
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