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  1. ah ok... i see the txt files in that folder now. thanks. is this step listed anywhere that i missed or is it one of those "dumb people shouldnt play"
  2. ok, thanks.. where do i put them? I see a folder called Nitrogen files (i feel stupid that i overlooked that last night), but i dont see in the install instructions where i am suppose to put those.
  3. i installed the CompoPak44 as per the instructions there, and when i go to create a new map, the only options for the prefab lists are: A19 vanillia (default), A18 vanillia, A18 Compopak, and Custom. is there a file or something i need to add to the Nitrogen files in order to get the option for compoPak44? The only thing i have done is copy/paste the prefabs from the folder into my main 7days to die prefab folder.
  4. This Modlet increases the number of ModSlots that each weapon/tool has, by 1 per Level. Tier 1 = 1 ModSlot, Tier 6 = 6 ModSlots also, check out my Trader Tier Reward System: Here (Still on Forum, not an external link) EpicSpire's Quality ModSlot Boost.rar
  5. EpicSpire

    Trash Slot

    could there be a slot, possibly on the right side of the inventory opposite the crafting que, that you can place an item in. When an item is in that slot, you cannot pickup that item. for example, if you put plant fiber in that slot, then when you dig, you plant fibers won't fill up your inventory. if you put glass in that slot, then breaking windows and such wont put glass in your inventory.
  6. ok, thanks. but now im pissed because the s**t head at best buy lied to me. i just bought this PC 6 weeks ago and he told me the graphics card was intel, but that it was rated similar to gforce 1080. i'm about to go (redacted)
  7. same issue: Single Player System Info Graphics: Video Settings
  8. keeping them updated though is Top Dedication and you deserve credit and Thanks. also, the Quests for the classes dont seem to work.. not sure if its on my end with other mods, but the only mod i have that messes with quests, aas far as i know, is my own which gives bonus skill points when completing trader Tier quests
  9. you are one of the Top Bestest Modders.
  10. it is Nav Object do a ctrl F search for Zombie. the Ui icons for sleeper clear or clear sleeper may be the one you are asking about.
  11. EpicSpire


    Will NitroGen world generation tool work with this mod?
  12. Great Idea! this should be compatible with most overhauls, correct? like War of the Walkers or Darkness Falls?
  13. EpicSpire's A19 Trader Reward system The skill points you receive are for after completing each Tier, not after each quest. I've seen a lot of Mods/Modlets that increase the number of skill points per level, but personally think that this is more balanced for my style of play. I'm not trying to dis on those mods, we need more skill points in the game, but i think earning them is a bit more balanced. Tier 1 =3 Skill PointsTier 2 = 4 Skill PointsTier 3 = 5 Skill PointsTier 4 = 5 Skill PointsTier 5 = 6 Skill PointsTier 6 = 8 Skill PointsFor Games already in Progress. If you do not wish to restart your world, and have already completed some Tier quests for the trader, type the following lines into the game console (Press F1 in-game)For each tier that you completed:givequest quest_tier1completegivequest quest_tier2completegivequest quest_tier3completegivequest quest_tier4completegivequest quest_tier5completegivequest quest_tier6completeThen go talk to any trader. You'll get all the rewards including the skill points. EpicSpire's Trader Tier Reward System A19.rar
  14. i really like this idea, i hope some skilled modders find this. i have a novice level of modding experience and would be willing to help if given direction.
  15. i absolutely love this tool. i would like to make a suggestion, however, I'm not sure how easy it would be to implement. i would like to see an option, maybe a slider like the landscape section, but for biomes. so we can dictate how rare or common a specific biome is. I love having the border set to wasteland, and that being the only area waste land is, but doing this removes burnt forest from my world because there is no choice to just have wasteland removed.
  16. This may be posted already, but if not here is this color key. may be user friendly to have this in the Main Post houses mountain alone farm citycenter industrial trader carlot
  17. EpicSpire

    More Vanilla Food

    Thank you. Perfect for what I've bee been looking for.
  18. EpicSpire

    More Vanilla Food

    Is there a food poison chance on these new foods? If not, can there be a more lore friendly version that has the food poison chance?
  19. EpicSpire

    Butcher Mod

    Do the foods that this mod adds syill have the chance to food poison? If not, can a version be added that still allows for this?
  20. Looking forward to trying this out. It should be compatible with my modlet as long as the tier quest line wasn't sltered. The individual quests are not linked to the tier quest line except for being tagged as tier 1 and so on. So altering the rewards for those will not affect my mod.
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