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  1. Episode 3 Survivor’s Journal: Day 3: I decided to follow the gravel road that connects to the mine i found yesterday. Had a load of fun. ended up only doing one job for Rekt, but that's fine. got some work done on my house and made an Iron Spear. The horde didn't arrive, and the foul stench of Decay is getting thicker. I will have to prepare at some point, but food is scarce...
  2. Entropic Mayhem Episode 2. Survivor’s Journal: Day 2: Some Hunger Fat dude was busting on the wall of the house i was trying to repair, he definitely learned today. Found a new toolbelt, can hold more spears on it now. The new boss gave me two new jobs and i found a sick cave that i may turn into the headquarters for my Mining Operation. The air smells thicker with blood, and i fear that a major horde is soon near by. Tomorrow i must prepare.
  3. Thanks i wasn't aware of the 10 slot option. i actually can't find any download links, am i missing something?
  4. Play List: Episode 1 Day 1: I found a Trader with some working workstations. I Completed a few Quests and decided to settle down in a burned out house. I think if i spend some time cleaning this place up, i can work my magic on this old shack and make it my own. My new boss is a Grumpy old fart, but I think he has to be. The rules for this series are: PermaDeath Horde frequency: 3 Days Horde range: 4 days. No AirDrops Jog During Day Adventurer Difficulty (will increase as needed)
  5. I went into the xml and changed it from 8 to 10 slots and resized the slots to 80x80 instead of 85x85 seems to have fixed that issue, so that was my problem in case any one else has issues
  6. the recent 19.1 update seems to conflict with the toolbelt. since the new update gives us 10 slots, this UI only has 8 and i get out of bounds errors while scrolling on my tool belt.
  7. You could make tiers for the parts. To craft a T2 pistol requires the T2 parts. You need x amount of T2 1 Parts to make a T2 part and need to unlock the recipe to do so as well....
  8. super awesome dude. i'll add this mod to my list and when i start a new series, i'll give it a shout out.. all 5 people who watch my vids will hear about you lol. checking your other mods too also. The StorageSize v1.04 link doesn't work. not sure if you updated or if the mod is broke and you removed..just FYI and does MorePaintTextures v1.0 (Alpha 18) and MoreBlocks v1.03 (Alpha 18) work for A19?
  9. Is there a mod that removes Tier 6 weapons and tools from the loot system and makes it so they can be crafted? I personally think that a Tier 6 weapon/tool should not be found and only be crafted, as a perk for maxing out the skill. I'm probably alone in thinking this, but still, requesting the modlett if it doesn't exist and requesting a link if it does.
  10. i know there is a mod that removes the randomness. i dont have the link to it off hand, but i know there is one. Not sure if that will benefit your needs at all. i agree with you
  11. i'd like it as well. as long as the zombie spawn in it is balanced. and if you or someone can add it to the quest system. that'd be cool. i definitely love this. let Magoli know about it, maybe he can add it to the CompoPak. we need more SIMPLE POIs
  12. Thank you! i assume i also need to add it to the loot system as well? or does the tag "Dye" do that already?
  13. i found the color code for the xml file it is 22,22,29 i just don't know how to implement it into a modlet
  14. I either need help with how to make a dye and add it to the game or if someone knows of this color already made then i appreciate a link. the dye color is 16161D aka "Eigengrau" any help would be appreciated.
  15. what settings did you have NitroGen set to to get it like that?
  16. Thanks for the Plug. Glad you enjoy this modlet. Hope other will too. This is also easily adjustable if you want more slots.. but not sure how the UI will handle it.. I know you can't see the 6th Mod in the windows below the description box, but you can them on the side panel where you actually add the mod. If you have Bigger Backpack.. you might get an overlap with the slots though..i haven't tried that.
  17. Day 4: Episode 5. I hunt for a new Trader. I need to get more supplies and equipment to take on the upcoming Horde
  18. Episode 4 Day 4. Made some progress, and more mistakes.. but lessons were learned
  19. Episode 3 Day 3: Mistakes were made!!! this one is much shorter video than the previous two of the series.
  20. which video? the one i made only mentions that the RWGmixer is not used. Hopefully my video wasn't the one that caused confusion, if it was then let me know. Edit: My bad, my video doesn't even mention the RWGmixer... so I'm off the hook on this one. sorry for my confusion.
  21. Day 3, Episode 4 of Entropic Destiny. We are trying a new Editing Style, so please let me know how this one is compared to previous Episodes
  22. Welcome to my Dishong Tower Series. This is Day 2. We learn from some mistakes, and make new ones. Find some nice stuff and get to eat some food!!!!!
  23. Most Recent Video 1st in Series: The 1st Episode of the Series. Using Midnight Designer's Modlet. Day 1. All information can be found in the description of the video
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