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  1. If you're using vanilla prefab, why do you need a list for NitroGen. It's the Default list. Or am I missing something?
  2. Compo pack 45 is out and works. I made a video showing how to use it with NitroGen. That video is on the Compo Pack thread's OP now.
  3. As Posted on Magoli's Thread for Compo Pack. This Tutorial will show you how to set up the Best Prefab Pack with the best Random World Generator
  4. For Anyone that does not know how to transfer a map made in Nitrogen into your & days to die game
  5. Episode 2 of Entropic Destiny is up. Thank you all for the support and the Feedback. Keep the Feedback coming!!. Thanks Again, Please like, comment and Subscribe.
  6. Yes, of course please do. And Thanks for all of the hard work you put in on updating this mod! Love your work.
  7. Thank you, i hope the video was helpful!!
  8. I made a video for people who need or want help with using Compo Pack with Nitrogen
  9. A few people may not know how to use NitroGen world generator, and although the exact method on making a map will be up to the individual's preferences. Transferring the map from NitroGen to 7 Days to Die may not be something everyone is familiar with. I made this real quick video, in order to help out.
  10. i've just started uploading videos. i have only 1 episode of a 7 days to die series up at the moment. YouTube name: TheEpicSpire. I'm looking to get honest feedback on ways to improve, i know somethings will just come with practice. My editor Wesley Kite is also looking for feed back on his style. He is amazing, but he's mine!!! no stealing!!! lol. seriously he is amazing person to work with, and we are both looking for honest feedback. Hope you enjoy this series, i know i'm having fun making it.
  11. My First 7 Days to Die video Series (Thanks to @WesleyKite for Editing) Most Recent Episode Episode 1 My First Episode of my First 7 Days to Die Series. Please Enjoy and any and all feedback is welcome.
  12. i could, but i don't really think 7 is necessary. You can edit the line " @value">1,2,3,4,5,6</set> " and change the 6 to a 7 or any other number you want. its in the Items xml of the modlet. be sure to change the right one and not the tier one.. also you should the dye doesnt count towards the 6, so you should have an additional slot besides the ones in your pic. is this not the case for you? it works for me. EDIT: ok, i think i see what you mean. If you mean specifically in that image, then no, i can not change that as i dont know how to effect the Hud or slot appearance sorry.
  13. yes, and i don't mean to sound like i am rushing him. that is in no way what i am doing lol. i understand hard work is time consuming. i'm just excited to play through the POIs I have grown to love.
  14. sweet so about the time we get Stable 19 we should get a Compo45? give or a take a few days...
  15. yes, i thought it was a mod conflict, thanks for posting. i am relieved now because discussions can be about things. and if this was a mod conflict, then someone could have let OP know which mod may have been the problem. also, a request for information is still a request.
  16. try CP44 its for b168, but it is more updated than 43 is
  17. Thanks, i saw in a recent post that you were in the process of updating the POIs, so i can wait. Thanks for you hard work
  18. i feel like that the "bad ones" in my opinion are bad due to consistant empty containers... like 10 containers that never have anything in them.. just a waste of space and time. Enemy spawning way too early for the gamestage.. On day 1, my 1st fetch quest sent me to a huge building with locked doors and i had to break my way in and was mauled by a feral wight. so, they just need updated and then they won't be "bad". Also the glass blocks are invisible and annoying. I love this mod, and the new POIs, but a lot of them need to be removed until they are updated. or at least have an Updated only POI version. If i knew how to figure out the names of the ones i think need to be updated, i'd make a Prefab list with only the "good" ones.
  19. the only bug i found, and im not sure if it is from my mod or some other.. is that plant fiber shirts and pants can now have a pocket mod in them.. so not really a bug.. just an unintended feature. if you do notice anything else, let me know.
  20. Is there a way to make a mod so that we could make sound proofing blocks? Blocks that may be easily destroyed, but as long as you are completely surrounded by them, you won't be able to be heard (or any other form of detection) by Zombies or Animals, just a random thought i had, and would like to implement... you could surround your forge base or crafting room in them and not worry about attracting zeds...
  21. I found some on Nexus https://www.nexusmods.com/7daystodie/mods/919 is the vehicle storage https://www.nexusmods.com/7daystodie/mods/912 is a bigger backpack that also increases the storage container ones both claim to be A19. i have downloaded the vehicle one, since i never liked the bigger backpack (a little too cheaty for me). hopefully i can find just a storage container mod.
  22. i remember talk about ammo for the shotgun (Dragon Breathe i think) that deals fire damage and sets creatures on fire. that was about A16 or 17.. i wonder if that is doable now?
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