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  1. 17 hours ago, jehodon said:

    I'd like to input a world seed into nitrogen. But changing the map name does not change the world seed and it's still a randomly generated map instead of the world seed. I want to create a 16k map with the options in nitrogen that i want selected plus using my world seed at the same time. Is this possible at all? Looking forward to a response and thank you for the development of such a great tool! 😊

    the seed would set the random gen.. having the options to alter the settings yourself would void the need for a seed. it would not just take the basic design of a seed you like and place less/more city/towns or change the biome layout of the terrain. the seed itself is all of that information. so short answer is "no, not possible" longer answer is " not possible because Nitrogen generates it's own seed"

  2. On 1/9/2021 at 2:21 PM, TSBX said:

    Sneak preview of my favorite feature in the upcoming new module, Vanilla Expanded: Hunting

    Wounded animals now leave a trail of blood behind as they flee. Can you follow the track and locate the downed prey? Your survival just may depend on it.

    very nice. i can't wait. def DM me when its complete, and i'll do a video on it. will there be mounted trophies? using the hide, bones and maybe other materials to stuff the animal, we can have place able blocks that look like the animals that we can use as decorations? or is that not doable? 

  3. On 12/31/2020 at 7:04 AM, scallipus said:

    is this server side or client side mod?

    i believe server side. i know a friend of mine did not have this mod installed, but i did. and when he joined my game, he was able to craft and use the stove.

    sorry for the late reply, for some reason i am not receiving notifications.

  4. 1 hour ago, Mousebots said:

    Someone already mentioned and of course been ignored... and i really feel like the developers are a bit of...not so cool... for doing that, thats just my opinion tho.

    ->>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>FIX THE DAMN GAME BREAKING BUGS.<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<-

    1. The game is like out nearly a decade and i still keep spawning on wrong beds (specially in bloodmoon) <- Complete game breaking for ANY pvp server as it discovers other peoples bases or even allows you to raid your way out of theyr base, or even if you die, you get to know the location...
    2. Vehicles keep teleporting away and duplicate (also with full inventory) <- Complete game breaking for ANY server, because people just duplicate a full inventory of dynamite, rockets or anything else they need... of course this is even worse for pvp servers.

    3. Being able to push yourself under the ground with plant pots (or other blocks) and look where peoples base is <- Complete game breaking for ANY pvp server.

    These are just 3 of the REALLY GAME BREAKING bugs i quickly remembered that propably have already made a hundred of thousands of players quit your game, well perhabs milions as this game apparently sold 10milion or more times....

    Fancy looking @%$# wont fix the issues, it will only temporary attract a few new peoples that ultimately will quit because theres still these bugs that make people lose hundreds of houres of theyr work into what they build, gather... etc.

    Also, with removing of the UMA stuff, i suppose serverside vehicles, zombies, etc will all be history.... and thats what keeps me playing currently.

    I am the owner of a PVP Server and had on the last map till its wipe arround 6000 profiles of players that played, arround 1000 times ive propably been asked by new people questions regarding these game breaking bugs, if i could fix it etc... my early answers usualy been "Well, the devs propably gonna fix it at some point", but to be honest, after person 500 and alot of time passing... i propably only gave answers like "Well 7days is @%$# coded" as i cant honestly answer to a person with fake or unknown infos anymore.

    This is just my opinion and currently nothing is convincing me that the gold version will have the game breaking bugs gone.

    Sorry if anyone feels offended, but seriously... how are such game breaking bugs not TOP priority for the next Alphas?

     oh no, an early access game has bugs.. waaaaaaaah waaaaaah. go play fortnight

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