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  1. i can make the scout spawn a horde.. but since they were spawned by the scout spawning system.. they will all be scouts.

    the screamer does not have the ability to summon more zombies.. the scout class gives it that ability.

    so if your scout command calls in 6 crawlers.. all 6 of them will call in their own screamer horde if their alert goes off... lol

  2. 2 minutes ago, PrimalCarnage said:

    I would try removing the completion type from the quest and then load up the game.  Worst case scenario, it errors out and you need a different idea.  Best case scenario, it doesn't give you an error and it works.  I guess the actual worst case scenario might be that you get no error, use creative mode to get the quest, do said quest, and get nothing for your efforts.  What I like to do is to have a "Test" game save that I hop into and out of as I make changes to my mods to see if they are working, and more importantly, working as I expected them to.  

    Hopefully though, just removing that will do the trick.  Though you may need to remove that from all of the challenge quests, I honestly don't have a clue how to use the "contains" parameter in XML yet.  I'm pretty new to this myself.


    i did. i get no error and the quest says "return to trader" after i kill the zombies that are spawned.

    this is the code i used.. so let me know if the code is wrong


    <remove xpath="/quests/quest[contains(@id, 'challenge')]/property[@name='completiontype']" />

  3. i'm working on a gameplay series that has no traders on the map, but i would still like to do the challenges that i find in loot.

    i have tried the following 2 lines of code, and they both do not seem to work

    <remove xpath="/quests/quest[contains(@id, 'challenge')]/property[@name='completiontype']" />
    <remove xpath="/quests/quest[contains(@id, 'challenge')]/objective[@type='InteractWithNPC']" />

    using the following challenge as an example:

    the property of "completiontype" value= "TurnIn" i was going to use <set xpath> but there is no other completion type for me to set it to. the basic survival quest (which is completed without having to turn in or return to trader) does not have a completion type. does anyone know how i can achieve this?

    <quest id="challenge_silenceofthelambs">
            <property name="name_key" value="challenge_silenceofthelambs"/>
            <property name="subtitle_key" value="challenge_silenceofthelambs_subtitle"/>
            <property name="description_key" value="challenge_silenceofthelambs_offer"/>
            <property name="icon" value="ui_game_symbol_zombie"/>
            <property name="repeatable" value="true"/>
            <property name="category_key" value="challenge"/>
            <property name="offer_key" value="challenge_silenceofthelambs_offer"/>
            <property name="difficulty" value="insane"/>
            <property name="completiontype" value="TurnIn"/>
            <objective type="RandomGoto" value="500-800" phase="1">
                <property name="completion_distance" value="50"/>
                <property name="nav_object" value="quest" />
            <objective type="RallyPoint">
                <property name="start_mode" value="Create"/>
                <property name="phase" value="2"/>
                <property name="nav_object" value="rally" />
            <action type="SpawnEnemy" id="zombieScreamer" value="2" phase="3"/>
            <objective type="ZombieKill" id="zombieScreamer" value="2" phase="3"/>
            <objective type="InteractWithNPC">
                <property name="phase" value="4"/>
            <reward type="Exp" value="500"/>
            <!-- You can define a range of rewards like <reward type="Item" id="casinoCoin" value="200-500"/> -->
            <reward type="Item" id="casinoCoin" value="350"/>


  4. i'm trying to make a small mod that replaces the screamer with a horde. so instead of summoning a screamer, if just get a horde as if she called them. i know how to editt he xml to do this, but i do not know how to make the xpath command to do it via a modlet. The modlette is meant to be used in a pure burnt forest biome and i'd like the horde to only consist of zombieBurnt and zombieSteveCrawler, but i want it to spawn in more than 1 of each and i don't know how to do that either. 

    the main issue i have is the /set or /append coding. 

    if i want to change: 
        <entitygroup name="ZombieScouts">
            <entity name="zombieScreamer"/>


        <entitygroup name="ZombieScouts">
            <entity name="zombieBurnt" />
            <entity name="zombieSteveCrawler" />

    do i use /set or /append

    and how do i make it so it spawns more than 1 of each? perferably based on GameStage

  5. is there a way to use a custom image for the Fun with Flag's mod? i'd like to use my profile pic as a flag. is that something i could easily do or would i have to make the flag from scratch in unity or something?

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  6. On 9/30/2020 at 3:04 AM, -Holo- said:

    My intended approach (got the idea yesterday) would be to not remove t6 from loot but make it very very rare, and try to add a whole new perk book collection for tools, one for armortypes and one for weapontype(s) (not finished thinking on how to implement)

    and have each book give a few % to stats, like +5% blockdamage in one book, +5% swingspeed in another book etc.

    and the complete collection unlocks T6 crafting for that tree (ie tools)

    Not even sure that would be possible, but could be  interesting, maybe add superrare chance to find books in the junk group to have looting encouraged.

    sounds interesting, keep me informed if you do make a mod like that


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  7. I was just talking to someone else about this and we figured that the chapter or book would actually allow you to craft at +1 Tier.. so when you get to T5.. it would be a T6. this would allow someone who doesn't spec at all into the item be able to craft a T2. and each skill item would have it's own book.. by that i mean 1 book for all blades, not each blade.. so reading the blades book would allow it for bone knife, hunting knife and Machete. just like the skill affects all of them, the book would too.

    Same for tools. 

    and we decided that removing the T6 from loot would discourage looting, so instead we think the best course would be to have T6 be random stats.. but a crafted T6 be best stats that the random will not reach.. so crafted is better than found but the found t6 is still better than the T5


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  8. Episode 10


    Survivor's Journal: Day 11

    Found some sweet deals at the local Electronics store. Completed a job for Rekt and Jenny. Rekt actually gave me a really useful weapon, which i put to the test that night when the sky turned red. I think i need to move closer to my Horde Base. The Football Field has been overrun by the dead again.  





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  9. Episode 9

    Survivor’s Journal:

    Day 9:

    I did a lot of moving, reorganization, and busted down a wall on my base. Grinded away in my mine for stone. not much excitement happened. 

    Day 10:

    Worked on the base, took on two jobs. made some concrete.


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  10. Episode 7


    Survivor’s Journal:

    Day 7:

    If panic is my Strength, and Fear is my Shield, then tonight i became the God of Mayhem. procrastination works... planning and hard work has become my bane. tomorrow i eat like a king


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  11. Episode 6


    Survivor’s Journal:

    Day 6:
    Worst fear arose. By Shear luck and cowardice I have made it this far, if only the strong survive, the red skies will prove my down fall. I really need to learn to think. Brain no work.... Panic is my Strength. Fear is my Shield.




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  12. Episode 5


    Survivor’s Journal:

    Day 5:
    I'm screwed, I am not prepared at all. this day could not have gone any better.. but it was almost over.. too close of a call. Encountered a feral during the day. Tomorrow I think I will die,.. I need to find a strong base to secure myself. 



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  13. Episode 4

    Survivor’s Journal:

    Day 4:
     I dug a lot of dirt for that gruppy old man, but i have had enough. I quit. I found a much better employer and she at least treats me with some respect. Found more Honey, and fought a Vulture that rose from Hell Itself!!! 

    The Motel next door seems like a waste of time, but i may check it out some more later. 

    My procrastination may be my down fall. I have not even begun to prepare for the coming of the Horde. 



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  14. Episode 3

    Survivor’s Journal:

    Day 3:
     I decided to follow the gravel road that connects to the mine i found yesterday. Had a load of fun. ended up only doing one job for Rekt, but that's fine. got some work done on my house and made an Iron Spear. The horde didn't arrive, and the foul stench of Decay is getting thicker. I will have to prepare at some point, but food is scarce...



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  15. Entropic Mayhem Episode 2.

    Survivor’s Journal:

    Day 2:
     Some Hunger Fat dude was busting on the wall of the house i was trying to repair, he definitely learned today. Found a new toolbelt, can hold more spears on it now. The new boss gave me two new jobs and i found a sick cave that i may turn into the headquarters for my Mining Operation. 

    The air smells thicker with blood, and i fear that a major horde is soon near by. Tomorrow i must prepare.


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