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  1. Hello guys someone can help me? I want to know if it is possible to make a map with NitroGen WorldGenerator v0501 to play this Mod. if so ... what do I have to do for him to he assume the Prefabs of this Mod? Thank you very much
  2. Hi, excellent job the HD Forge schematic already appears!! thank you very much for your work. Best regards
  3. Hi, First I want to thank you I deleted the old one and then download it again but when I have to join the server give me this error message "ERR XML loader. Failed duplicate lootlist entry with ID 49" and does not continue. I take this opportunity to report too in HDD Regenerator mod the gas generator (yellow) works but does not send power. For example it works but if I connect it to a lamp she doesn't light the same for something else electric the red works fine. thank you very much for your work. Best regards
  4. Hello gus, I have a doubt in the mod HD Forge the schematic never appears The server (A18.4) is on the 54th top player on level 71 we look in all book stores and we couldn't find the schematic to unlock the HD Forge Can help? Best regards
  5. Hi, All Mod that my friends and I play is always via ModLuncher - In our case I have a dedicated server and all start the game via Modluncher - steam must be started - EAc off - the first time you start a new map and try to connect you stay awhile "Connecting to Server" or "wainting for server"... just wait a while
  6. Thanks for the information. In fact the portal went red but it did not happen anymore. let's wait for 2.2 and make a new map then. Thanks for the great work.
  7. Hi KhaineGB It was not clear what I said. This blue portal in the bunker becomes red... it is not the portal exist in the radiated biome. by the way now the server generates a rwgmixer.xml and a rwgmixer-orig.xml and coincidentally I can not change the map as I did before (size of the biomes) I change the rwgmixer.xml but generates a default map there is a lot of wasteland when I give only 10% +/- <!-- ================== --> <!-- FINAL STEP IS TO MAP THE Y VALUES OF THE OUTPUT FUNCTION TO BIOMES --> <!-- ================== --> <module name="biomeOutput" type="BiomeIDMapper"> <property name="sourceModule" value="fn6c"/> <property name="biomemap1.Name" value="wasteland_hub"/> <property name="biomemap1.Range" value="0.0,0.05"/> <property name="biomemap4.Name" value="burnt_forest"/> <property name="biomemap4.Range" value="0.05,0.18"/> <property name="biomemap0.Name" value="desert"/> <property name="biomemap0.Range" value="0.18,0.21"/> <property name="biomemap3.Name" value="snow"/> <property name="biomemap3.Range" value="0.21,0.24"/> <property name="biomemap2.Name" value="pine_forest"/> <property name="biomemap2.Range" value="0.24,0.90"/> <property name="biomemap5.Name" value="wasteland"/> <property name="biomemap5.Range" value="0.90,10"/> <!-- <property name="biomemap6.Name" value="alpine_forest"/> <property name="biomemap6.Range" value="0.75,20"/> --> </module>
  8. Hi there are two types of bunker: the bigger one appears in wasteland the door is under the first small tent this is where the portals are and the smallest appears in burning_forest and the entrance is a well
  9. lab bunker portal Hello guys Can someone explain to me the portal that exists in the lab bunker in wasteland what is it for? Me and my friends found two bunkers in one exist a blue portal but in the other the portal is red and the zombies spawn more. we do not know if the portal has changed from blue to red or if it is so.
  10. KhaineGB thank you! It's working fine now and great mod! Best regrads
  11. Hi In the rwgmixer.xml file we now have the following line: <property name="biomemap1.Name" value="wasteland_hub"/> <property name="biomemap1.Range" value="-1,0.10"/> what's it for? on all the servers I've ever modified for this: <property name="biomemap1.Name" value="wasteland"/> <property name="biomemap1.Range" value="0.97,1"/> <property name="biomemap4.Name" value="burnt_forest"/> <property name="biomemap4.Range" value="0.95,0.97"/> <property name="biomemap0.Name" value="desert"/> <property name="biomemap0.Range" value="0.90,0.95"/> <property name="biomemap3.Name" value="snow"/> <property name="biomemap3.Range" value="0.85,0.90"/> <property name="biomemap2.Name" value="pine_forest"/> <property name="biomemap2.Range" value="0.0,0.85"/> but now in this version V2.1 the server does not generate the map with this change... 2019-05-18T10:57:25 545.207 INF WorldGenerator:Exporting Generated Data: Writing Biome data to file 88% 2019-05-18T10:57:27 547.207 INF WorldGenerator:Exporting Generated Data: Writing Biome data to file 91% 2019-05-18T10:57:29 549.207 INF WorldGenerator:Exporting Generated Data: Writing Biome data to file 94% NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object at WorldGenerationEngine.GenerationManager+<ExportGeneratedWorldData>c__Iterator0.MoveNext () [0x00000] in <filename unknown>:0 at UnityEngine.SetupCoroutine.InvokeMoveNext (IEnumerator enumerator, IntPtr returnValueAddress) [0x00000] in <filename unknown>:0 UnityEngine.MonoBehaviour:StartCoroutineManaged2(IEnumerator) UnityEngine.MonoBehaviour:StartCoroutine(IEnumerator) WorldGenerationEngine.GenerationManager:<onFinish>m__0(TaskInfo) ThreadManager:UpdateMainThreadTasks() GameManager:gmUpdate() GameManager:Update() (Filename: Line: -1) What can I do? Thank you
  12. jetta

    Server Tools

    Hello guys I have one more doubt: when we in game chat I have the (ADMIN) xxxxx and the (co Admin) xxxxx prefix and color for especial players there is the possibility of adding more players? like (Mod) xxxxx (Vip member) xxxxx etc etc? There is a line listed "Special Player Name Coloring" but it seems that we can not add more players with different prefix and color. any suggestion?
  13. jetta

    Server Tools

    I already tried and it does not work Edit: I do not know what I did but now /commands work fine
  14. jetta

    Server Tools

    Hello guys, I'm new to this mod. I already installed it on the server and it is working. but I do not know the command to see the list of commands I try /list /help /commands and nothing works
  15. Yes, I thought of that too but the idea is to have a server open to all... we are two admins and we try to be as much time online only this month have already been banned 6 Fortunately, it still did not happen significant damage
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